Responsible Travel in Whistler

What is responsible travel, you may ask? It's all about having respect for yourself, other travellers, and the community you are visiting. It means planning ahead, knowing your limits, and respecting local rules and regulations. When you visit Whistler, be mindful of your impact on the environment and our local wildlife, reduce your footprint whenever possible, and support our local businesses.

Here's how to get started:

Adventure Differently in Whistler

Adventure Differently

Adventure has never been more important – for our minds, our bodies and our communities – but we invite you to discover a new pace. Let's inform and educate ourselves on how to adventure differently and responsibly in Whistler.

Support local in Whistler

Support Local

It's time to support Whistler businesses and Whistler makes it easy to embrace local. Our culinary scene rivals any big city’s. Our Village Stroll makes shopping a delight. And our backyard is a playground for endless activities.

Respect nature in Whistler

Respect Nature

The rugged Coast Mountain Range has been formed through millenia of geological processes, each leaving their unique mark on the landscape. As a result, there are plenty of different ecosystems to explore from the valley to the peaks.

Be a part of Whistler's environmental commitment

Think Environment

The Whistler community cares deeply for the environment and strives to preserve the area's natural beauty by taking meaningful steps towards the resort's vision of sustainability. Be a part of our efforts to minimize our footprint.

Don't Love It to Death

Be mindful of the impact your behaviour and activities have on our delicate ecosystems. Respect, protect and enjoy the Sea to Sky Corridor.

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Sea to Sky Don't Love It to Death Initiative Sea to Sky Don't Love It to Death Initiative

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Travel Responsibly in Whistler

Show your commitment to Whistler's nature, environment and buinesses when you hashtag your photos #onlyinwhistler