About Tourism Whistler

Organization Overview

Legally known as the Whistler Resort Association, Tourism Whistler is the official not-for-profit, Member-based destination marketing and management organization (DMMO) representing the resort of Whistler. The organization is responsible for tourism research, experience development, market development, communications, marketing, and sales – with a focus on economic, social and environmental stewardship.

We also manage and operate the tourism business units of the Whistler Conference Centre, the Whistler Golf Club & Driving Range, the Whistler Visitor Centre, and Whistler.com Reservations - Whistler's official source for accommodation and activity bookings and information.

Formed in 1979 at the recommendation of the provincial government, Tourism Whistler is formally accredited and recognized by Destinations International as a leading global tourism organization and is made up of more than 8,000 Members who own, manage and operate properties and/or businesses located on Whistler’s tourist-zoned Resort Lands, including hotels, restaurants, activity operators and retail shops.

Seven elected individuals and six appointees represent the various sector interests on the 13-member Board of Directors; the activities of Tourism Whistler are further directed by its membership through bylaws that are approved by the municipal council and the provincial Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

Membership assessments are the primary source of funding for the world-wide marketing and sales initiatives that Tourism Whistler manages and directs, supplemented by net income from operating centres, sponsorship and funding.


To honour, protect and celebrate Whistler’s unique mountain culture and environment.


To be the most valued, respected and regenerative mountain resort-community.


To inspire mountain enthusiasts and adventure seekers to thoughtfully experience and share Whistler again and again.


Whistler.com is Whistler’s official source for accommodation and activity information and bookings. It is the official call-to-action for all of Tourism Whistler’s marketing and sales efforts with the ultimate responsibility of converting leads generated by marketing initiatives into room nights for the resort. Any profits achieved are then re-invested back into marketing Whistler.

Whistler.com is owned by the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) and Tourism Whistler and has been managed and operated as a central reservations company by Tourism Whistler since 2006.