Adventure Differently in Whistler

Keep your passion for the mountains alive while safely satisfying your need for nature's vast and wild beauty. Adventure has never been more important – for our minds, our bodies and our communities – but we invite you to discover a new pace. Let's inform and educate ourselves on how to adventure differently and responsibly in Whistler.

Health and Safety Are Our Top Priorities


Let’s Enjoy Patiently

Thank you for being kind to our frontline staff who are working hard to deliver the best possible experience during these challenging times. Capacity restrictions may sometimes result in lineups and slower service times than we’d like, so we greatly appreciate your cooperation and patience.


Let’s Play Simply

Whistler challenges you and pushes your boundaries by its very nature. During these times, let’s play simply, emphasizing fun, wellness and a connection to nature. Let’s stay within our comfort zones and ensure we are prepared before venturing into the backcountry.


Let’s Explore Responsibly

Respect for this place and each other is in our DNA. Let’s explore responsibly, by leaving no trace, keeping wildlife wild and respecting the amenities, people and nature around us. During peak times, this could mean seeking out quieter spaces to help maintain physical distancing.


Let’s Interact Considerately

Whistler is committed to upholding the highest standards in health and safety. Together, let’s cultivate an environment where health and well-being are second nature. We kindly ask all visitors to respect COVID-19 special practices, including physical distancing, wearing a mask and staying home when sick.

Conscious Whistler travellers walking to the lifts

6 Tips for Conscious Travel

1. Travel midweek and off-peak. Have the best Whistler experience and help lessen the impact on highways and businesses when you travel midweek and during non-holiday periods. Also receive the best deals!

2. Make reservations. To help manage capacity limits, many businesses rely on online reservation systems. Plan ahead with restaurant reservations and activity bookings for a smooth Whistler experience.

3. Stay longer or work remotely. Take time for yourself and enjoy all there is to do. Stay longer, explore deeper and work remotely in the mountains.

4. Be AdventureSmart. Before heading into Whistler's vast terrain, be sure to know before you go so that you can enjoy your activities safely and responsibly.

5. Be a responsible traveller. Be mindful of your impact on the environment and our local wildlife, reduce your footprint whenever possible, and support our local businesses.

6. Support Local. Buying locally from shops and services enhances our community, connects us socially, creates jobs and boosts the economy.