Mudderella Whistler

The 2016 event has passed, check back soon for information on the 2017 event.

Mudderella is a non-competitive mud run designed by women for women. Here’s the perfect excuse to get out of the gym, conquer a world-class obstacle course and make it a weekend in the mountains with your best friends.

What is Mudderella?

Mudderella is an adventure event, where participants work together to conquer 8-11 km (5-7 mile) muddy obstacle courses, designed by women. It’s a full body fun workout in the outdoors with thousands of like-minded, strong people for a common goal. While Mudderella focuses on empowering women to cross the finish line, it is an all-inclusive event. Men are more than welcome to participate, provided they have been invited by a registered female participant.

Whether you are looking for a new fitness challenge or a goal to work towards, this is the event to motivate you. Work together with a friend, or get a whole team and complete it together - you’ll be amazed at how strong you are!

How do I register?

Visit the event website to register.

Where is the event being held?

The event is being held on Blackcomb Mountain, close to Whistler Village. Book ahead and get accommodation within walking distance of the event for the lowest rates.

Charlie’s Angles

New for 2016: Teamwork is key to get over this steeply sloped 7’ foot tall structure. Once you reach the top, lower yourself down the other side. Strategy and strength come into equal play on this obstacle work together with others around you. Remember no Mudderella left behind.

Stunt Double

New for 2016: Channel your inner badass superhero as you leap from a 10’ high platform and onto a large inflatable. Afraid of heights? There’s no time like the present to conquer your fears ­no guts, no glory.

Triple Threat

New for 2016: Get ready for a triple shot of mud. Using a rope, you’ll scramble up a slippery slope and climb into a muddy tube. Climbing down through the tube, you’ll emerge into a pit of muddy water. With the help of your teammates, clamber out of the mud bath onto a muddy embankment and slide gracefully the second pit, where you’ll dunk under a wall to reach the exit.

Surprise Party

Link up with the women around you to traverse across this muddy terrain that varies between stable ground and deep muddy pits. Once you’ve lost your footing the only way back onto even ground is with the help of fellow Mudderellas.

Strong Wall

Aptly named after the Strong Wall in Mudderella Village (make sure to check it out and sign your name on it), this obstacle signifies challenges, however big or small, that we’ve all faced and ultimately overcome. Using a few footholds and the support of others beside you, pull yourself to the top of this 10’ wall.

Eye of the Tiger

With your belly on the ground, elbows digging into the mud, shimmy and crawl your way through this daunting mud pit. Remember to stay low, if not, the barbed wire above will remind you.

Squad Goals

Get ready to lean on your team, literally. Your quads might be crying after carrying your partner around the course, but your face will be all smiles.

Rise of the Shero

Grab hold of the rope in front of you and find a few footholds to help hoist yourself over this 10’ wall.

Ain’t No Mountain High

Wade your way into this muddy mountain and valley landscape. Sludge through mud, haul yourself (with the help of your teammates) over a mountain of it and then slip off the other side into another muddy valley. Climb again, slide again, wade again. And again. And again. You’ll be covered in mud and (happily) exhausted by the end of this obstacle.

Note: depending on course landscape sometimes additional obstacles will be added to the menu. Ask for a map on event day to see all obstacle offerings.

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