Our Team – Our People are our Success

We require a lot of talent to carry out our purpose; our people are, without a doubt, our success. We recruit for both year round and seasonal positions within our Destination Marketing Office, Visitor Services, Reservation Sales Centre and the Whistler Golf Club.

Our team does amazing work to share the Whistler story! From our Market Development team to our Digital Marketing experts and Visitor Centre Agents; our people are attracting visitors to experience all that Whistler has to offer. Learn more about the different departments and roles at Tourism Whistler.

We strive to be an employer of choice offering a supportive work environment where people can learn, grow and succeed!

We are extremely proud to say our 2020 Employee Opinion Survey Result was 93% satisfaction!

Employee Opinion Survey Comments:

  • Tourism Whistler shows great care for its team members, from promoting work/life balance, approachable leadership, allowing employee’s autonomy, education and wellness efforts, and even the stand-up desk program. I love working here!
  • Great people and their commitment make the organization a fabulous workplace.
  • This is such a well-balanced organization that really cares about the people in it. I am so proud to work here and really respect everyone who works so hard to make it such a desirable place to work.
  • I love working at Tourism Whistler!

Meet a couple of our team members:

Barbara Mares – Manager, Conference Services

Some people come to Whistler for the snow, others for the biking. Barb Mares came for the work.

“I was working for (legendary BC restauranteur) Umberto Menghi in Vancouver and I got offered a job at the Caminetto in Whistler,” Barb says. “That was 1994. My boyfriend had been talking about Whistler already so we went for it.”

Barb learned to ski over the next few years but mostly she accumulated the skills and training she needed to move into her role as Manager of Conference Services. “That was the ultimate job I always wanted,” she says. “Right when I moved here I remember looking at the conference centre and saying, that’s where I want to be.”

The boyfriend she moved up with became her husband and 20 years (and two children) later Barb is still right where she wants to be. “I used to be amazed that people could stay in one place that long but I’m happy. The extra “flex” days off here at Tourism Whistler are perfect because I volunteer a lot with my kid and I just love skiing, hiking, gardening, biking—it’s so nice to be living in the outdoors and yet still so close to Vancouver.”

Barb’s secret to success and longevity in Whistler is simple: “I love being a host and sharing this area with people,” Barb says. “The guy you sit on the gondola next to could be a client you serve later that night. You have to have the right attitude and treat people well, it’s a small town.”

Ro Davies – Sales Manager, Whistler Golf Club

Ro Davies literally grew up on a golf course— he started working at Fairwinds Golf Club on Vancouver Island at age 12— but it was the skiing that initially brought him to Whistler.

“We had a ski team in high school and would sell ice cream bars and popcorn all year to fund the annual trip to Whistler,”Ro explains. “We called ourselves a Team but we never went in a single race ever. We’d just come over here and stay in the hostel for a weekend and ski like mad. It was awesome.”

Golf eventually lured him back to Whistler in autumn of 2001. “It was the closing weekend. I came up to play all the courses and had my best experience on the Whistler Golf Club—I played the whole course with one ball and the service was best of all the clubs.”

The next Spring, still working at Fairwinds and with a fresh Degree in Tourism Management, Ro saw a job posting at the Whistler Golf Club and the rest is history.

“I moved up with everything I thought I would need crammed into my Chrysler LeBaron and couch surfed for three months. I fell in love with the course that summer, skied 40 days the next winter and here I am, still here 14 years later. Whistler is amazing because with all the free recreation, and the tight community, you can live like you are on holiday all the time. It’s a very rich life here.”