Teambuilding and Group Activities in Whistler

Whistler is the ideal location for teambuilding events with pre-planned activities on offer to help your business develop dynamic leaders, improve team work and motivate employees.

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Why choose Whistler?

  • Reward your team with a trip to the mountains
  • Choose from a range of professionally designed teambuilding activities
  • Customized retreats with activities for all size groups, fitness levels and budgets
  • 2010 Olympic venues available: perfect for inspiring healthy competition and teamwork

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  • Build a comprehensive proposal
  • Provide assistance with securing accommodation partners
  • Utilize our local knowledge of each property to ensure the best fit for your group
  • Leverage your group and our relationships to provide you with the best possible rates
  • Provide personalized assistance with travel, group activities and catering requirements


"Regarding the service at, I have said absolutely great things to a whole bunch of people about how much help Dean and Jenny were. I would 100% recommend that anyone planning a group event in Whistler get in touch with you. I have heard nothing but positive reviews from all of the participants and my quadriceps are finally settling down after too many runs at the bike park."

Legal, Accounting and Financial Firm (June, 2016)

Teambuilding Activities

Teambuilding activities are a great opportunity to motivate your team with an entertaining and educational experience. The resort town of Whistler and surrounding mountains are the perfect setting for unique and innovative events like the following:

The Amazing Chase

A teambuilding event based around a race to the finish.


The Amazing Chase is an outstanding teambuilding event combining communication skills, planning, strategy, teamwork, and a race against the clock. Anyone can participate as no special skills, athletic ability or experience are required. Groups from 8 to 1000+ can participate at once. Each team’s goal is to complete the race course in as little time as possible. In order to do so, teams must interpret a number of "clues" to locate up to 10 Route Markers. At the conclusion of the race, a trophy and medals will be awarded. The race can finish at a location of your choosing including the group’s hotel or perhaps a popular restaurant or landmark.

Tour Length Tour Time Ability Level Tour Price $CAD
4 Hours Custom No Previous Experience Required From Approx. $169.99 CAD

CI: The Crime Investigators

Turn your team into detectives and test their observation and problem solving skills.


We’ve adapted the theme of crime investigation into an entertaining group format, allowing teams to compete in a creative and exciting activity. With each member proficient in a specific navigational or crime-solving skill and using their powers of detection and deduction, teams must work together to navigate their way through a series of crime scenes. Each location is staged as a crime scene where teams must carefully search for clues, preserving and documenting evidence to solve the case. Upon completion, the teams hand in their evidence and receive lab results from the crime lab. Their final challenge is to interpret the meaning of the clues and evidence and attempt to solve the mystery: who has committed this shocking crime!

Tour Length Tour Time Ability Level Tour Price $CAD
4 Hours Custom No Previous Experience Required From Approx. $169.99 CAD

The Olympic Experience

The Olympic Spirit is alive in Whistler - use it to inspire your group.


Come discover your own podium! This is your opportunity to recreate memories of The 2010 Vancouver-Whistler Olympic Games. We've partnered with Whistler 2010 Sport Legacies to bring you a wide range of exciting teambuilding programs, group activities, and special events utilizing authentic Games venues such as Whistler Olympic Park and the Whistler Sliding Centre. Have you always wanted to experience the rush of zooming down a real bobsled track? Thought about what it must feel like to stand at the top of the 125m ski jump? Wanted to learn how to cross-country ski and fire a real rifle at a shooting range? Perhaps you want an elaborate Olympic experience for your own corporate team, including a number of themed events such as hockey, biathlon, bobsled, skeleton, speed skating, and more. Layered on would be a speech by an Olympic athlete, authentic team jerseys, medals, ceremonies and more. Then, incredible food served in unique settings such as the top of the ski jump or bobsled track. And to top things off, amazing world-class accommodations in Whistler, one of the top resorts in the world. You'll be able to experience all of these with our programs.

Iron Chef BBQ Challenge

Culinary challenges are always fun and rewarding.


The time has come to once again answer life's most savory question: whose BBQ cuisine reigns supreme?! Culinary teambuilding events are a wonderful trend sweeping the continent. Our first in a series of these events, "Iron Chef BBQ Challenge" is extremely popular amongst our corporate clients. Modeled after the popular "Iron Chef" TV series, your teams will prepare delicious 4 course BBQ meals in a competitive setting. Glorious culinary masterpieces must be prepared including a sumptuous starter, delicious entree including one or more tantalizing vegetable dishes, an enticing beverage, and a delectable dessert. This tantalizing feast must be presented on time to our judging table where we will score your creation. Do not worry … you will also have the opportunity to sample your work. The teams will be judged according to taste, presentation, and originality. All points will be tallied to find out who rules Outdoor Kitchen Stadium as the reigning Outback Iron Chef!

Art Smart

An indoor activity that highlights creativity and original thinking.


In this one hour boardroom blitz, teams will work together to conceive a thematic one of a kind creative art display. Using a variety of recycled and reclaimed art supplies, teams will compete against each other to see which group can best convey the theme of the day. This can be a custom theme specific to the group (eg. mission statement, corporate philosophy, current business focus) or can be randomly chosen on the day of. Some themes may include: Dedication, Perseverance, Frugality, etc. Teams would have limited time and resources to complete this task, so creativity and outside the box thinking are paramount to winning this event. The judges will determine the top 2 projects and then a popular vote will determine the winners. Medals and bragging rights will be handed out during the awards ceremony.

These are just a selection of the events on offer - contact us for the complete range of teambuilding activities and options.

Whistler Group Accommodation

Our Group Sales Specialist can organise suitable accommodation for you at negotiated group rates. From full-service hotels to fully equipped condomoniums, we’ll use our local knowledge to find the best accommodation for you within your budget.

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Whistler Group Transportation and Transfers

Whether it be transfers within Whistler or a return trip from Vancouver/YVR Airport, we can assist you with your groups’ transportation needs. If you require Airport transfers from Vancouver, transportation can be arranged that is scheduled according to your flight time to avoid delays.

From SUV's and passenger Van's to Executive Coaches or Floatplane transfers, we work with our travel partners to provide you with the widest selection of reliable and flexible transportation options.

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