This international food blog was last updated in March 2024.

Whistler is home to a variety of international food restaurants, but finding these treasures doesn’t always happen by chance. If you’ve got a hankering for something in particular or want to try something new, let this list be your map. Any of these international dining options will have your tastebuds dancing for days!

A planned dining experience in Whistler is always welcome as many of these hot spots fill up quickly. Plus, you’ve probably been busy adventuring and want to avoid searching for the right spot until the “hangeries” kick in.

Asian Cuisine

Not only does Whistler have restaurants that specialize in cuisine from countries across Asia but many restaurants also include Asian-fusion options to choose from. 

From Japan

With Whistler’s proximity to the coastline and access to fresh seafood, it’s no surprise that we have world-class sushi and Japanese cuisine despite the distance from Japan itself. Anything with wild Pacific salmon such as sockeye will bring a little BC flare into your otherwise traditional dish.

A Sushi Chef serving a roll at Sushi Village in Whistler
Bar seating at Sushi Village means you can watch the sushi chefs in action. PHOTO MIKE CRANE


Lots of vegetarian and vegan options and an authentic Izakaya atmosphere await at Harajuku.

Sushi Village

Notoriously known for its sweet sake margaritas, Sushi Village makes a brag-worthy box roll and tangy agedashi tofu.

Sachi Sushi

Thanks to the crispy salmon skin and a generous serving, BC salmon cones are the locals’ go-to at Sachi Sushi.

Ohyama Ramen

At Ohyama Ramen, they speak ramen and only ramen which means each bowl is carefully crafted and delish.

Samurai Sushi

Samurai box specials and donburi bowls are the best bang for your buck at Samurai Sushi and provide a generous sampling of their tasty menu.

Sushi to Go

Snag some Sushi to Go with friendly service while in the Whistler Visitor Centre planning your next adventure.

Teppan Village

It’s all about the experience here at Teppan Village, where international food feels like an international experience as your meal is artfully prepared right before your eyes.

Ka-Ze Sushi

Your bluefin tuna paradise awaits here at Ka-Ze Sushi – and tuna anything for that matter!

From Mongolia

Mongolie Grill

Make your own Mongolian dish and have it cooked by the pros right in front of you at this interactive dining experience at Mongolie Grill.

From India

Tastebuds ready for a tickle? Both restaurants have large menus with all of the traditional Indian dishes you crave. 

Tandoori Grill

Curries and samosas like you’d never expect so far away from their origin. Tandoori Grill also offers possibly the largest vegetarian dish collection in town.

Vegan and vegetarian dishes at the Tandoori Grill
The dishes are as delicious as they are colourful. PHOTO TANDOORI GRILL

The Royal Taste of India

The Royal Taste of India is known for its scrumptious butter chicken dishes.

From Thailand


Mekong is one of Whistler’s newest restaurants, and has quickly become a go-to for delicious nights out. This Thai food restaurant takes the dishes you know and love and elevates them with fine dining techniques and touches. Celebrated chef Angus An uses fresh, locally sourced ingredients, and has created one of the best places to find international food in Whistler.


Main Street Noodles

Grab a little taste of Thailand, Vietnam, China or Malaysia at Main Street Noodles, a quick, upbeat grab-and-go hot spot.

Earls Kitchen + Bar

You can find tuna tataki, chicken Hunan kung pao, a Bangkok bowl, sushi and more on the Earls menu.

INSIDER TIP: You’ll often find one or two Asian-fusion dishes offered at more restaurants such as The Raven Room, Milestones, 21 Steps and Hunter Gather Eatery & Taphouse.

European Cuisine

Whistler offers a collection of European and European-fusion eateries, each harnessing the individual countries’ food culture and atmosphere.

From Italy

Undoubtedly a group pleaser, Italian food is a staple here in Whistler. Served in a variety of forms, you could eat Italian all week long and never tire of the selection. 

Il Caminetto

Classic Italian dishes meet local flavor at the contemporary and elegant Il Caminetto.


Quattro has a bit of it all, pasta, lamb dishes, risotto and meatballs – a full sample of traditional Italian cuisine.

Pizzeria Antico

Pizzeria Antico serves Neopolitan style pizzas made and served fresh. If you swing by on a nice night, ask to be seated on the back patio.


Watch the magic happen as your locally sourced pizza is cooked to perfection right in the crackling wood fire oven at Creekbread. This is the best gluten free pizza option in Whistler with extra care taken for celiacs. 

Pasta Lupino

Find fresh pasta and sauce made from scratch daily at Pasta Lupino. Don’t let the casual counter service fool you, your eats will be top notch here!

Old Spaghetti Factory

The Old Spaghetti Factory is a family-friendly classic. You know the name and the menu, so if you’re in the mood for comfort food you’ll find it here.

More from Europe

Alta Bistro

This restaurant is an homage to incredible international food, where you’ll find unique tastes that blur many European borders. Elk tartar, duck liver and Arctic cod are just a few of the decadent dishes you could find on the menu at Alta Bistro.


Mediterranean inspired, you can’t miss the calamari at Caramba! Enjoy the evening sun on the patio and if you time it right, live music from the nearby Village gazebo.

Bar Oso

Bar Oso offers Spanish flavour-infused tapas in a laid-back modern environment makes for a playful dining experience.

Dubh Linn Gate Irish Pub

You’ll find Irish classics at the Dubh Linn Gate Irish Pub like bangers and mash, clam chowder, cottage pies and plenty of Guinness along with the traditional pub food you’ve come to expect.

Crepe Montagne

Sweet and savory – if it can be made into a crepe it’s on the menu at Crepe Montagne! Gluten-free and non-crepe options available all day.

North American Cuisine

From Mexico

Because everyone loves tacos and margaritas. The menus don’t stop there either, from fine dining to cozy cantinas, Whistler’s small but thorough collection of Mexican restaurants covers all the bases.

Mexican Corner

International food doesn’t get much better than a great Mexican dish, and Mexican Corner promises everything your dream menu has on it and then some!

INSIDER TIP: The spicy jalapeño margaritas get stronger the longer they sit, so match your drinking pace to your spice tolerance!
Three women holding margaritas at the Mexican Corner
Margaritas Monday at the Mexican Corner. Is there a better way to start the week? PHOTO MIKE CRANE

La Cantina

Casual counter service makes for a great lunch destination at either La Cantina location. Burritos, tacos, and bowls with all the fixings are available, the hardest choice will be choosing green or red sauce – thankfully, half and half is an option for the indecisive.

From Canada

As you’ve probably come to notice, we Canadians and in particular, Whistlerites, are pretty dang proud of where we live. With that in mind, we can’t help but list a few places that represent just that. If you’re craving Canadian cuisine, stop by one of the listed below and you’re sure to leave satisfied.

Thunderbird Café

Located in the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre, Thunderbird Café serves traditional First Nations dishes from breakfast to late lunch. The bison stew and bannock tacos are delish!

A plated bannock taco at the Thunderbird Cafe
You don’t have to purchase admission to the museum to eat here! PHOTO ABBY COOPER


Oysters, oysters, oysters! Also wine. There’s more to Araxi than delicious BC oysters but it’s certainly a number one dish here.

Rim Rock Cafe

A Canadian seafood haven. Caught on the wild coastline of BC and served at Rim Rock, you’ll find a collection of western Canada’s finest seafood dishes here.

Zogs Dogs

The smell of the caramelizing onions at this kiosk has been known to lure in a hungry traveller or two. Zogs is the go-to spot for poutine, an eastern Canadian classic.

More Canadian eats worth checking out at: Stonesedge Kitchen, Sidecut Modern Steak + Bar, Bearfoot Bistro, Table Nineteen, The Mallard Lounge, Hunter Gather Eatery & Taphouse, and 21 Steps.

Australian Cuisine

With so many Australians in Whistler, the one and only (so far) establishment serving authentic Aussie food was a welcome addition in 2013.

Peaked Pies

Meat pies and breakfast pies served the traditional Aussie way. You can also find much-loved sweet treats like Lamingtons, caramel tarts and ANZAC biscuits at Peaked Pies.

Eat your way through Whistler with this list of international food offerings. Consult the dining directory for more details on all of these fine establishments. 


Abby Cooper is a Whistler-based photographer, splitboarder and dog mom who is always looking for new adventures to take her farther and higher. You can usually find her in the backcountry, surrounded by good people (and dogs).