Whistler EcoPath

What is an offset?

An offset is when you mitigate greenhouse gas emissions by investing in emission-reducing projects.

How much greenhouse gas goes into the atmosphere from travel?

A long haul flight in a jet produces about one quarter of a kilogram of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases per passenger kilometre travelled, or about one pound per passenger mile travelled, which is about the same as an average car.

Who is Offsetters?

Offsetters is Canada’s leading provider of high quality carbon offsets. The organization works with individuals and businesses to understand, reduce, and finally offset their greenhouse gas emissions. Offsetters’ funds are invested into renewable energy and energy efficiency projects that achieve tangible reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and that would not have taken place without its involvement.

For more information, see www.offsetters.ca.

Where does my money go?

Offsetters invests in high quality offset projects in Canada and around the world.

Offsetters projects include:

  • Ground-Source Heat Pump Systems
  • Biomass from waste-streams
  • Energy Efficiency Systems
  • Wind Farm Projects

Seventy-five to 80 per cent of funds collected are put directly into emission-reducing projects with the remainder retained to cover overhead costs.

All projects are verified by qualified third parties as being:

Real. An independent third party confirms that Offsetters projects take place as promised.

Additional. Offsetters investments lead to real reductions in total carbon emissions by enabling projects that would otherwise not take place.

Permanent. Offsetters avoid reforestation projects that only temporarily store carbon.

Socially beneficial. Offsetters projects bring social and local environmental benefits, as well as climate gains.