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September Events Whistler

What's on in Whistler: September

The Village is buzzing this month with big golf tournaments, races in Whistler Bike Park, and running events happening around Whistler. The Vancouver Canucks ice hockey team knows it's a great time to visit - they are holding their training camp here with all on-ice practice sessions free and open to the public!

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Whistler Insider Caesars

Leisure and Pleasure:
The Caesar

It's an iconic cocktail which is consumed year-round here. The Insider learns more about this uniquely Canadian drink, and the where to find it in Whistler.

Autumn Biking Whistler

Fall Biking in Whistler:
Prime Time

Biking season in Whistler doesn't end until the snow covers the trails. Local cross country riders are out enjoying some of the best conditions all year.

Winter in Whistler

Winter in Whistler:
For The Moment Hunters

We are all moment hunters, seeking something new. Winter in Whistler serves up more than its fair share of unforgettable mountain experiences.