Things to do in Whistler

Whether you're an adrenaline junkie, a foodie, a art-connoisseur or someone who loves to dabble in it all, there's something for you in Whistler.

Skiing Whistler Blackcomb

Winter Activities

Be it the waist deep powder, the blood-pumping excitment of snowmobiling or the quiet enjoyment of a sliegh ride, Whistler is a winter wonderland.

Lakes and Parks Whistler

Summer Activities

Are you looking for heart-pumping adventure of bungee jumping or the soulful wonderment of alpine hiking? It’s all here in Whislter this summer.

Cozy Fireside Drinks Whistler

Dining & Nightlife

From five-course meals to a quick burger, from a relaxed fireside couch to dancing on speakers, Whistler’s dining and nightlife scene have it on tap.

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A perfect mix of world-class and home-grown local shops, you’ll find clothing, art, souveniers and everything in between at Whistler’s shops.

Yoga Class Whistler

Health & Wellness

Luxuriate in a spa, perfect your yoga, or just take a moment to breathe the mountain air. We offer endless ways to condition your body and soul.

First Nation Art Whistler

Arts & Culture

Whistler’s vibrant arts and culture scene offers everything from the history of our First Nations to several fine art galleries and exhibitions.