Whistler has a special rhythm in the fall. The resort starts to wind down to a slower, sauntering pace that’s thankfully embraced after a busy summer. Locals share a collective sigh of relief as we often get a pause and visitors get a unique look at Whistler without the hustle and bustle that comes with busier seasons.

The trails are quieter, the lines much shorter and the area seems so much more peaceful around this time of year. If you’re looking to align with this slower pace and experience the best parts of Whistler in the fall, you’ll want to try out these suggestions.

Emily Kane stands on a wooden step in Whistler's lush temperate rainforest.
Emily Kane enjoys Whistler’s lush, temperate rainforest, especially when it rains. PHOTO EMILY KANE

Take a Stroll Through the Forest

Whistler’s forests are the epitome of peace and tranquillity. There are few things that can enhance the natural beauty of these spaces but I do have one suggestion: practicing mindfulness. There’s something special about feeling your feet touching the earth, placing your hand on a tree and noticing the texture of the bark, listening to birds singing, or connecting deeper to your breath while taking in your surroundings.

These subtle mindfulness practices help you stay present, allowing you to enjoy what’s right there for you without being distracted by other thoughts. Plus, strolling through the forest and applying mindfulness practices are all-weather activities. Some people aren’t excited to go for a walk in the rain, but it’s one of my favourite times to step into the woods to take in the fresh air and pleasant sights, sounds and smells. As long as you’re wearing waterproof gear it’s very comfortable and will give you a new appreciation for these incredible ecosystems.

Where to go? Trainwreck, Whistler Interpretive Forest, Ancient Cedars, Ascent Trail (Blackcomb Mountain).
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A woman holds a coffee with heart-shaped foam art over a record player disc at Rockit Coffee Co. in Whistler Creekside.
Find that hygge feeling in Whistler’s coffee shops and cafes. PHOTO ROCKIT COFFEE CO.

Get Cozy at a Cafe

Whistler has plenty of great places to cozy up with a good coffee or tea. The slower pace of fall is a reminder to take your time when it comes to savouring your favourite drink. This is another moment when mindfulness practices can come into play. As you take a sip, pay attention to the sensations you experience; texture, temperature, taste and aroma.

Take pauses in between sips to appreciate and savour each sensation. These momentary breaks might help you appreciate other parts of the experience as well, like people watching or getting a new appreciation for your surroundings–art on the wall, a puppy waiting outside for their best bud, or other easy-to-miss moments might be highlighted by these little bursts of presence. 

Where to go? Bred, Rockit Coffee, Fix Cafe, Moguls Coffee House, Forecast Coffee, Cranked Espresso Bar
A woman ziplines across the mountains in Whistler in the beauty of fall.
Fly like a bird over a forest changing colour in fall. PHOTO JUSTA JESKOVA

Try Something New

One of the really incredible lesser-known tidbits about Whistler is how there’s always something new to experience. This small resort community boasts world-class activities and amenities, meaning there’s always something outside of the norm that gets you out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. For the thrill seekers that means moments that will take your breath away while ziplining, bungee jumping, or getting air in the bike park.

If you’re someone who likes to push past your comfort zone, it makes a difference when you know how to stay calm under pressure. Feeling what parts of your body are affected by the intensity can give you the chance to change that pattern so it doesn’t hold you back. That might translate into tension through your hips, shoulders, neck, or face. Once you’ve let go of that unnecessary tension you can connect with how your breath moves in your body. This presence will help you avoid anxious mindsets often triggered by fear that may keep you from moving forward.

Get Curious and Dive Deeper

Fall has some unique offerings that you can’t experience during the other seasons here in Whistler. The festival scene becomes more vibrant with events like the Whistler Writers Festival, Fungus Among Us, Cornucopia and Whistler Film Festivaleach one with its own flavour inviting you to use your senses, learn something new and grow from the experience.

Emily Kane of Yogacara Whistler demonstrates a low lunge.
Emily in her role as a yoga teacher in her studio, located in Whistler Village. PHOTO JUSTA JESKOVA

If learning to support your health and well-being is on your list, Yogacara is offering numerous workshops, with beloved local teachers, throughout the fall including full moon gatherings, sound baths, assisting and adjusting for yoga teachers, ayurveda and a mini-retreat. The Fairmont Chateau Whistler is also hosting a wellness weekend retreat this fall called Ignite, happening November 3 to 5 with multiple wellness experts.

Physical health is great, and essential for most of the activities Whistler has to offer, but these workshops are meant to go a layer deeper. The mind-body connection suggests that your body is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to how you feel every day. The gentle pause of fall might make you reflect on how to live your life better and a holistic approach could be that missing piece.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Some say that laughter is the best medicine and if that’s the case, then local comedy show Laugh Out LIVE! is downright therapeutic. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them on stage numerous times but this October they’ll be opening for Brent Butt, a Canadian comedy legend known widely for his role on the TV show Corner Gas. This Saturday night special is part of the Whistler Writer’s Festival to celebrate the release of Butt’s new book and the show is sure to offer a unique comedy experience.

A woman laughs at an event on stage at Whistler's Cornucopia.
Laug Out LIVE! will also be at Cornucopia and Winterspehere. PHOTO DARBY MAGILL

Fall is a season you won’t want to miss in Whistler. Before you know it, we’ll be strapping into snowboards or popping skis on, so make sure to embrace the slower pace that unfolds this time of the year. Follow those nudges to take a stroll through the forest, chill at a cafe, try something new and dive deeper into something you already love. The extra ahhh breathing room will remind you how sweet it is to take that extra time to enjoy each moment.

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Emily Kane is the author of “The Energy and Art of Restorative Yoga” and the owner of Yogacara Whistler. Outside of teaching and practicing yoga she loves to snowboard, climb, go on adventures and spends her time in the backcountry year-round. With a deep respect for nature, Emily advocates for the environment to ensure we protect what’s important. Get to know her on socials via @emilykaneyoga.