Adventure comes in all shapes and sizes.

Whistler attracts people from all walks of life. We’re explorers, pro athletes, entrepreneurs, ski bums, artists and visitors, each pursuing a new lease of life, a new perspective, an escape from the everyday, to learn and grow. And with the mountains, lakes and rainforest at our doorstep, there’s a million and one ways to pair the unusual and exciting into the adventure we need, right now.

This summer, shake off the routine and tap into the unique energy of the people and landscape of Whistler, Canada. Choose to adventure, differently.

Go High and Low

Explore the mountain peaks, the dense rainforest, the sparkling lakes, the pedestrian-only Village and all the places in between. With 40 kilometers of car-free Valley Trail connecting the neighborhoods it’s easy to explore on foot or bike. Or let expert local guides take you on an e-bike, jeep tour or ATV ride into the wilderness.

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Pair Chilled and Adrenaline

The contrast will give you goosebumps. Pick an activity that challenges you, then pair with a chilled out experience like a long paddle on the lake.

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Taste and Touch

Come back into your body with a sensory sensation. Take a yoga class or deep tissue massage to get back in touch with your body, then stroll the Whistler Farmers’ Market markets for newly harvested vegetables, fresh bread and handmade desserts.

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Appreciate and Create

Music and art are food for the soul – why not nourish yours? Spend a warm summer night under the stars with live music, and take an art workshop to tap into your natural creativity.

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Take it Fast and Slow

Spend hours watching the clouds go by from a park, then let gravity be your guide.

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On the Water, In the Water

Hydrotherapy comes in all forms and the lakes and rivers around Whistler are a playground in their own right. Paddle gently or seek white water thrills, then immerse yourself in the crystal clear water under the summer sun.

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DIY and Five Star Service

Do it your way. Choose a five star dining experience, snack on a patio at après time or take fresh bread and fruit from the market for a picnic under the stars.

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Go Solo or Social

Take time out just for you, or travel by yourself and join a tour to meet new people. Or get the crew together for a team adventure.

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Plan and Be Spontaneous

Choose a mountain to summit, a viewpoint to aim for… then book a whole day off to wander where you will. It’s not called the Village Stroll for nothing.

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Go Early, Go Late

Summer days are long and every moment of precious time should be lived to the full. Start in the quiet of early morning with a lakeside walk and take it through to close. Keep on dancing.

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Whistler is where nature, people and passion meet, and with so much to do you’ll need more than a weekend to take it all in. Book your summer vacation at early and save.


Pip has somehow worked her way around from being a snow-and-bike bum to holding a real job while also being outdoors as much as possible. She’s collected scars, bikes for (almost) every occasion, a small trail dog and a love of craft beer plus a rudimentary understanding of skiing, snowboarding, sketching, and the art of chairlift conversations. She currently believes a combination of gravity, snow, dirt and rad people are what make Whistler tick but investigations are ongoing.