valley trail

Make the Most of the Valley Trail with these Fun Itineraries

Hop on your bike, strap on the rollerblades or simply slip into a pair of sandals and tour Whistler from the paved and scenic Valley Trail.

The Village to Meadow Park and Beyond (8.7 km loop):

valley trailThere are two different routes to get to Meadow Park Sports Centre at Alpine Meadows from the Village so take the Lost Lake route there and return back to the Village following the River of Golden Dreams, going full circle from where you started.

Pack a picnic lunch and make your way to Blackcomb Way going north. You’ll cross Fitzsimmons Drive and follow the winding Fitzsimmons Creek to Riverside Campground. Pick up the trail just behind the campground (follow the signs) and you’ll reach the spectacular Nicklaus North Golf Course located next to the glacial-fed Green Lake. Surrounded by towering peaks, Green Lake is the base for Whistler Air and you’ll see float planes taking off and landing in between the wakeboarders and enthusiastic fishers. Between Whistler Village and Nicklaus North you can take a side trip to sparkling Lost Lake (feel free to take a dip!). Please note that the trails around Lost Lake are not paved so if you’re rollerblading, bring some shoes for that portion.

Stop at Meadow Park for a lunch break and spend some time relaxing while the kids tire themselves out at the playground and waterpark. When you’re ready to head back, take in the amazing views of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains across the valley as you follow the River of Golden Dreams to the neighbourhood of Tapley’s Farm and make a left towards the Village.

The Village to Rainbow Park (6.4 km return):

rainbow parkPack your swim gear, volleyball and a picnic lunch and hop on your bike for the 20-minute cruise along the Valley Trail to Rainbow Park. Head to Whistler Golf Club (the entrance is located off Whistler Way, by the Whistler Conference Centre) and take the Valley Trail path to the right of the clubhouse near the parking lot. Follow the signs and go left at the River of Golden Dreams, marveling at the majestic snow-capped peaks that surround you. You’ll likely pass kayaks and canoes as people paddle their way along the river.

Follow this trail all the way to Rainbow Park and gorgeous Alta Lake for some fun in the sun. As the original site for the historic Rainbow Lodge, visitors have been enjoying the park since the early 1920s when Whistler was just a summer destination (some of the original cabins are still standing). There is a sandy beach, lots of grassy areas, picnic tables, beach volleyball courts and a floating dock for lounging on after a refreshing swim.

When you’ve had enough sun for the day, simply jump back on your bike and take the same route back to the Village that you arrived on.

Whistler Golf Loop (4.3 km loop):

rainbow parkWhistler is all about being active in the majestic outdoors and for a exhilarating jog to get the blood pumping, take the Valley Trail around Whistler Golf Course. Quiet and serene, you’ll pass golfers perfecting their swing while being surrounded by truly awe-inspiring scenery of white-capped mountain peaks and lush forest.

Start out at the entrance to Whistler Golf Club, located near the Whistler Conference Centre, and go either north or south to start the loop. Bears often share the golf course with the golfers so keep a look out on the greens for one of Whistler’s most famous residents. This is also a popular route for walkers, kids and strollers; there is a golf course snack shack located half way if you want to take a break.

Creekside to the Lakes (6.4 km return):

Golden dreamsStarting from Creekside, take a tour of three of Whistler’s beautiful lakes – don’t forget your swimsuit! Head south towards the neighbourhood of Bayshores, crossing over Highway 99 at Lake Placid Road. Follow the Valley Trail to Alpha Lake Park. There’s a great dog park here for your pooch to run around off leash if you’ve brought your four-legged companion. After a break to check out the stunning scenery, hop back on the trail and go north towards Nita Lake for your next stop. Pop into Nita Lake Lodge for lunch in the restaurant or a drink in the lounge, before getting back on the trail, passing through the Creekside neighbourhood, Whistler’s first residential area.

Your final lake is Whistler’s most popular, Alta Lake. With three parks for swimming and other activities, Alta Lake is always a hub of activity. You’ll pass two of the parks, Wayside and Lakeside. Wayside is a great spot for kayaking and there are rentals available. Further north Lakeside has canoe rentals, a campground and is a favourite for families.

When you’re ready to leave, you can either take the same trail you arrived on or do a loop around the Alta Vista neighbourhood, making sure to cut over to Creekside once you’re back at Nita Lake.

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