All the seasons in British Columbia have their own charm but it’s spring that holds a special place in our hearts. Like bears emerging from hibernation, we head outdoors to soak up the pure blue skies, the new green growth of the forest and the warm sunshine sparkling on lakes and snow.

Spring in Whistler = Giv’r Season

Here in Whistler we use it as an excuse to cram as much outdoor activity into each day as possible, resulting in the famous multisport days of spring (aka the Whistler Triathlon). We charged local rippers Ollie Jones and Hailey Elise to get out and see how many sports they could fit into one day and on a stunning, warm spring day they nailed it.

Ollie Jones and Hailey Elise show us how to make the most of an epic spring day in Whistler with Brian Hockenstein Cinematography capturing the fun.

Ski, Paddle, Golf and Pedal

It can be done! In one day they managed a spring ski session on Blackcomb Mountain, paddleboarding on Alta Lake with Whistler EcoTours, got to work on their swing at the Whistler Golf Club Driving Range (top marks for fashion here) and took on the loamy, granite-y goodness of Whistler’s extensive mountain bike singletrack network.

Nature and Movement – A Healthy Combination

May is the David Suzuki Foundation 30×30 Nature Challenge, so in the spirit of making the most of the physical and mental benefits of being outdoors we invite you to take up the multisport spring challenge yourself. May is also the time that the days are getting longer and longer as we move towards the summer equinox, so why not make the most of the daylight hours?

Choose Your Own Adventure

If these sports aren’t your cup of tea, fear not – there’s no limit to the number of ways to get active, and you can make up your own combinations as well (run-ski-disc golf? Dog walk-paddle-apres?). Plus there’s no need to own the gear to make it happen – you can rent all the equipment to try these sports right here in Whistler.

Blueberry Docks

Fresh out of excuses? There’s only a short window to make the best of spring so seize the day and get outside. And if you are looking for more outdoor fun including paddleboard lessons and fishing demos, ping pong tournaments, car rallies and art workshops, then come and visit over the Victoria Day Long Weekend for Whistler’s Great Outdoors Fest.


Brian Hockenstein is a Whistler-based photographer and filmmaker who loves nothing more than spending time in the incredible British Columbia wilderness and sharing the amazing sights he sees along the way, whether through photography, film or emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality Video.