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10 Reasons Your Dog Wants to Come to Whistler this Summer

Meet Titan, my 2 year old stubborn-as-a-mule rottie pup, whose stare could melt any girls’ heart. (Mine, melted. Me, push-over.)

Titan typically tags along on my weekly jaunts from Vancouver to Whistler, drooling with anticipation for the fun in store for him on his Whistler mini-break. His favourite Whistler things?


What Titan loves most about Whistler is that in this place, he has found his people. Dog-people. Wherever he goes, be it in the bustling village, on alpine trails or out discovering beautiful lakes, one is likely to run into a happy dog sharing a special bond with their owner.  After all, it’s not only two-leggers who dream of a giant playground in the mountains…

Titan posts regular status updates about his antics on Facebook. He welcomes new friends.