Mountain Bike Trails Database

Recent Trail Updates

The Trails Database is a new feature on the website. It was built to showcase the extensive trail network in and around Whistler. The interactive map is intended to provide an overview of trails, their locations and degree of difficulty. Users may click on individual trails to access more detailed GPS information.

How to use the Database

Use the drop-down menu to browse by area or degree of difficulty. When viewing specific trails, you will be shown an elevation profile with statistics, and a list of nearby trails.


The GPS maps, elevations, and distances are intended to provide a general overview of Whistler’s trails. The data will not be one hundred percent accurate according to military precision and discrepancies between five and ten metres were noted in the GPS findings. Please also note that the trail length calculations appear to be shorter than expected, which is likely a result of the GPS coordinates 'cutting corners'

In general, Whistler's trails are often considered more difficult than other areas due to their technical nature. Please use your best judgement when riding and err on the side of caution if you are unfamiliar with the terrain.

Technical Notes

The GPS readings were compiled using MotionX software on an Iphone4. From the resulting GPX files, we used the latitude and longitude coordinates to recalculate each elevation point. We have also included links to corresponding KMZ files should users want to download the files directly and import them into their mobile device.