Luge at Whistler Sliding Centre

Luge at Whistler Sliding Centre

In luge, racers slide down the 1,198 to 1,374-metre track (depending on the race) on open fibreglass sleds with steel runners. After an explosive start, racers keep the momentum going using spiked gloves on the ice surface before lying down flat for maximum aerodynamics. Athletes steer using their legs and shoulders and brake by sitting up with their feet down and pulling up on the sled runners.

The men’s and women’s singles events consist of four heats over two days while the doubles compete in two runs over one day. All events in luge are timed to a thousandth of a second.

Canada's Olympic Luge Team

Jeff Christie - Calgary, Alberta
Ian Cockerline - Calgary, Alberta
Sam Edney - Calgary, Alberta
Alex Gough - Calgary, Alberta
Regan Lauscher - Red Deer, Alberta
Chris Moffat - Calgary, Alberta
Mike Moffat - Calgary, Alberta
Meaghan Simister - Regina, Saskatchewan
Justin Smith - Calgary Alberta
Tristan Walker - Bearspaw, Alberta

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