Celebrating the 2014 Winter Games in Whistler

The spirit of the Games lives on in Whistler, the Host Mountain Resort for the 2010 Winter Games. This year the magic will be reignited as residents and visitors come together to cheer on athletes with the chance to discover Whistler's unique Games legacies.

Tune in to see athletes compete in the Paralympic Games from March 7 - 16, 2014.

Kickstart the Sochi Spirit: Try Olympic Sports in Whistler

The 2010 Paralympic Winter Games

Whistler was proud to host events for the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games. Learn more about the sports, venues and athletes.

Accessible Whistler

As a result of hosting the 201 Winter Paralympic Games, many changes were made around Whistler to improve accessibility for people of different abilities. Learn more about getting around Whistler, accessible sports and activities on offer.

Whistler's Unique Legacies

In Whistler, you can get hands-on and experience legacies of the Games in many ways:

Download the Whistler 2010 Games Experience Brochure.

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