Horstman Hut

The Horstman Hut is Blackcomb Mountain's final frontier. It's probably the only place on the West Coast that you can order a vanilla latte, no foam, double shot at 2,284 metres / 7,494 feet above sea level!

It's quite an experience to be clutching your banana bread and hot chocolate all "huddled in the hut" when outside it's a monster of a snowstorm and -30° Celsius (!) degrees outside. But those days are rare. Usually, its sunny and you can enjoy an outdoor BBQ and spectacular views of the entire valley. Located at the top of 7th Heaven Express.

Contact Information

Located on Blackcomb Mountain
4545 Blackcomb Way
Whistler, British Columbia V0N 1B4

Web: www.whistlerblackcomb.com/the-mountain/on-mountain-dining/winter-mountain-top-dining.aspx

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