Whistler Terrain Parks, Pipes and More

Whistler's Terrain Parks

  • Learn to fly, jib and slide in Whistler Blackcomb's expertly designed and maintained terrain parks
  • Choose between five parks with more than 150 features and 40 jumps, a Superpipe and Snow Cross track
  • Varying sizes of challenge allow for entry level riders to gain skill and progress to expert levels
  • Connect to the culture at events like the Fire and Ice Show and the World Ski and Snowboard Festival

"Dropping!" Whistler Terrain Park Survival Guide

Whistler Blackcomb Terrain Parks

Parks over the two mountains are graded according to the size of features from small (S) through to extra large (XL).

Whistler Mountain

Nintendo Habitat Park (S, M)

Also known as Whistler Park, this area has three separate runs over 1,100 feet long with a vertical drop of 600 feet. A step up from the Terrain Garden on Blackcomb Mountain, park riders can work their way through various sized features on three runs - Cougar (S), Chipmunk (S, M) and Bobcat (M). The Habitat Park features enhanced rollers, hips and table tops. All lines have low to mid range jibs and rails such as fun boxes, rainbows, flat and step down rails. The Habitat Park is a great place for experienced park riders to improve their skills on the progressively shaped hits and rails in each line.

Blackcomb Mountain

Nintendo Big Easy Terrain Garden (S)

Designed for skiers and riders learning how to use park features, the Terrain Garden is the first stop in the park progression. 3,116 feet long, with a 574-foot vertical drop, it features smaller versions of rails, rollers and mini-hits and is groomed nightly. Park is perfect for families and can be accessed off Easy Out on the Big Easy run

Nintendo Terrain Park (M, L)

This main park runs 3,480 feet in length with a vertical drop of 1,007 feet. It includes table tops , hip jumps, spines, step-up jumps, banks, rails, and fun boxes.

Nintendo Superpipe

They don't call it the Super Pipe without good reason: over 450 feet long, it has a 17 foot radius, a wall height of 16.5 feet, a 64 foot width from lip to lip and a flat bottom 33 feet wide. Groomed nightly with the Zaugg Pipe Monster, the pipe is for advanced to expert park riders and is home to exciting events all season long. Access the pipe through the Nintendo Terrain Park.

Snow Cross Track

Now that Snowboard and Ski Cross are recognized winter Olympic disciplines, the Snow Cross track provides a daily training ground for aspiring athletes. Big banks, rollers and step-ups challenge skiers and riders daily and are tweaked up for event days. Set a personal time to beat or race your buddies, the Snow Cross is a great place to improve high speed skills. Access the track from the Springboard run.

Nintendo Highest Level Terrain Park (XL)

The Highest Level is for expert park skiers and riders only. With impressive specs - 1,720 feet long and a 485 foot vertical drop - the park features include some of the biggest and most technical table tops, spines, rails and jibs in the industry. Groomed nightly by the Park Bully snow cat, the park is frequented by top athletes training for international competitions. Helmets are mandatory, access through the Nintendo Terrain Park.

Whistler's Freestyle Culture


Camps and Lessons

  • Mastering a particular trick or want to get started in the parks? Try a lesson from Whistler Blackcomb Ski School
  • Summer Freestyle camps take place on Blackcomb's Horstman Glacier during the summer months.

Spring and Summer Parks and Pipes

Blackcomb's terrain parks remain open through the spring, until the end of May.

Blackcomb's summer glacier skiing and riding begins at the end of June and features a Summer Terrain Park with rails, hits and a Super Pipe. The summer pipe is cut nightly with the Zaugg Pipe Monster and the Park Bully maintains the features.

Other Useful Information

Map of Whistler Blackcomb Terrain Parks

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Whistler Freestyle Skiing and Riding

Whistler's Terrain Parks in Action

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