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As we dive headfirst into another year it’s always a good idea to take a quick look back to appreciate the year that was. Here at the Insider we’ve run the numbers to find the most popular posts from the past year – a handy collection for those looking for inspiration, travel tips and Whistler guides by locals.

Whistler Must Do’s

The incredible mountains, lakes and forests surrounding Whistler are the reason many come here, and that’s clearly reflected in the top must do posts. View all Must Do blogs.

Insider’s Guide to Alpine Sightseeing & the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola

The PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola, summer edition. MIKE CRANE PHOTO

A guide to sightseeing on the record breaking Peak 2 Peak Gondola summer or winter. Top tip? Check the hours of operations before planning your ride.

A Guide to Sea to Sky Waterfalls

Brandywine Falls in Whistler
Brandywine Falls. NIKKEY DAWN PHOTO

Walk, hike or ride to find these beautiful waterfalls. Best viewing?  Year round, but snowmelt in spring and pre-snow precipitation in fall often up the water volume for majestic snow.

Boxcars & Bridges: Whistler’s Iconic Train Wreck Hike


With the new access bridge, the Train Wreck Hike is a perennial favourite. Insider tip – it’s also an easy snowshoe in winter.

9 Whistler Walks and Hikes to Try this Summer

Hiking through ancient cedars to Cheakamus Lake
Cheakamus Lake hike. MIKE CRANE PHOTO

From short strolls to mountain-conquering hikes there’s plenty more ways to get into nature with your own two feet, as this popular walking and hiking guide shows.

Whistler in Winter

The season of the moment, these posts had people out exploring the snow. View all Winter posts.

Back to Basics: Whistler’s Best Green Ski Runs

Family Skiing a Green Run

Whether you’re cruising with a pint-size pal, new to skiing or keen to start the season off right this guide to easy ski runs will show the way.

Insider’s Guide to Whistler for Non-Skiers


There’s more than enough for skiers to do in Whistler through winter and spring, but what about those who shun the planks? The Whistler Insider has a bucketful of ideas for non-skiers.

Whistler in Spring

The do-it-all season stretching from powder season to ski/bike/paddle day – view all spring posts.

Deep Snow, Bright Sun: March and April in Whistler

Spring laps down the saddle on Whistler
Another fine spring day (with some good-looking steeps in the background). PHOTO MIKE CRANE

There’s no denying the numbers – late winter and spring skiing in Whistler offer some amazing conditions in both snow and sun.

10 Ways to Play in May: Whistler’s Spring Adventures

Early season in the Whistler Bike Park

Throw off the shackles of adulthood and set your inner kid free. The oft-forgotten, off peak month of May is the perfect time to get outside and reconnect with what’s important in life.

Whistler in Summer

Planning ahead? Now is the perfect time to lock in summer in Whistler. Here’s a couple of reasons why…or you can view all summer posts.

Biking Must Do’s

Biking in Whistler alpine
The Lord of the Squirrels Trail offers some of the most incredible alpine biking in the Sea to Sky. JUSTA JESKOVA PHOTO

Epicentre of mountain biking, Whistler’s biking trail network extends far beyond the famous (and expanding) Whistler Mountain Bike Park.

15 Unique Things to See and Do in the Whistler Alpine

Early season snow walls are just one of the jaw-dropping sights to see.  MIKE CRANE PHOTO

When the lifts start running in summer, they open up a world of possibilities on the mountains, and there’s plenty to do beyond hiking.

Fall In Whistler

The slide from September to snow is a gentle one in Whistler, leaving plenty of room for outdoor adventures and exploration of all kinds. See all posts here.

Whistler in Autumn: Top Ten Things To Do

Before the snow flies, fall hiking is all time. MIKE CRANE PHOTO

Gorgeous colours, incredible sunshine, moody misty days – the atmosphere in the forest is stunning and there’s plenty happening in the Village for the visitor to enjoy as this top ten for autumn shows.

12 Ways to Fall for Arts in Whistler


Whistler’s artists, always creating, come out to play in autumn. Fall for Arts is a celebration of arts, culture, music, culinary creativity and much, more.

Bonus…Whistler Insider Travel Tips

Last but not least, these planning pieces make the list as well – practical, sensible and getting you one step closer to your Whistler vacation…view more Insider travel tips here.

So there you have it – your favourite pieces of the year! May we also recommend the Best Instagram photos of Whistler 2017 and our Magic Moments – 2017 Year in Review for a little more eye candy from the year that was. Please, take time to browse our archives for inspiration, and hit us up in the comments below if you have any ideas for posts in 2018!

Happy New Year from the Insider crew and the team at

Inukshuk on Whistler Mountain
Welcome to Whistler.  The Inukshuk stands guard in the pristine Whistler alpine. JUSTA JESKOVA PHOTO

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