Insider’s Spring Riding Update: Mountain Bike Trail Report for Whistler

Whistler Bike Trails

Insider’s Spring Riding Update: Mountain Bike Trail Report for Whistler

Wow! What an incredible May we’ve experienced to date in Whistler. Sun, sun and more sun with temperatures reaching into the high 20’s (°C) for the last few weeks and the forecast calling for more of the same. With the ski season now officially behind us and the Whistler Bike Park opening taking place this past weekend it’s time to hit the trails; don’t forget to check out the bike park opening day stoke here if you missed it.

Thanks to all the trail fairies, volunteers and the Whistler Off Road Cycling Association aka WORCA trail crew doing their bit to clear our trails of winter debris. A large part of the network is now open and waiting for you to give it a rip. I’ve done my best to compile a comprehensive report on our vast network of incredible mountain bike trails, broken out by zone. As always, conditions in the mountains can change quickly; therefore, it’s important to plan ahead and come prepared before heading out and always let someone know where you’ll be riding and when you expect to return.

Gateway Bikes Rental bikes

Only one way to know how the trails are running. The Tourism Whistler team was out enjoying the flow of the Lost Lake Trails on our new Norco Range rental bikes thanks to Gateway Bikes. Red goes faster…PHOTO PIP CAMPBELL

Whistler North

Trails in the north of Whistler are running great. However, there is a large fuel thinning project in the works affecting one main access point and several trails, including Rick’s Roost and Cat Scratch. Please respect all onsite closures and signage you may come upon when riding from the Alpine Meadows neighborhood.


Kill Me Thrill Me: Ready, steady, go! This long time, technically delightful trail is clear of snow and ready to roll, just be careful of one large tree down 1/3 of the way down the trail; reported a week ago. Typically this is the first trail in the north to thaw out.

North of Town: The extension to Kill Me Thrill Me is dry and good to giv’r. Debris and deadfall has been removed.

Out There: North Secret, the Comfortably Numb climb to Out There is clear, snow free and climbing well for those who love tech. Out There is also in great shape, boasting a newly added section that calls for a few interesting moves to complete. Get Out There to check it out.

Out There Trail, Whistler BC

The views from Out There can’t be beat. PHOTO JENNY PEDERSON

Young Lust: This trail is snow and debris free, and recently raked on May 12.

The No Flow Zone: The main artery in the area Sh*t Happens is in great shape and all downed trees on Anal Intruder have been cut out. The access route from Alpine Meadows, Delineator, has also been cleared and is running well. Access from Emerald Estates is closed due to construction.

And let’s not forget about Emerald Forest, Mel’s Dilemma, Get Over It and Bob’s Rebob (which both connect to the Westside network) as these blue (intermediate) delights are also all clear and dry.

Out There Mountain Bike Trail

Rider Jenny Pederson takes on Out There. PHOTO SERGI MASSOT


Howler: Not quite ready yet. There is still plenty of lingering snow on the Flank Trail at higher elevation, beginning at the creek crossing and on the steep climb that follows.

Cat Scratch Fever: Closed, as a part of the fuel thinning project taking place in the area.

Green Monster: The trail is all clear, but with limited access during the fuel thinning project in the area – please respect all closures. A replacement bridge has been added thanks to a few keen trail builders.

Blackcomb Trails

Partially rideable, this area is not quite ready to roll yet if you’re seeking out Micro Climate and Dark Crystal, the once-illegal trail which has been incorporated into the Whistler Blackcomb trail network. Please respect the closure of these two trails until the spring runoff subsides and the trails have had a chance to dry. Hey Bud and Crazy Train are running dry, but there is still a substantial amount of deadfall on both, therefore please be careful if deciding to hit these up.


Golden Boner, Roam in the Loam and Instant Gratification are all fair game and good to go. Currently running dry, loose and dusty in spots.

Yummy Numby to Foreplay: The climb up Yummy Numby is dry and clear of debris, while the descent down Comfortably Numb known as Foreplay is in top form.


Hey Bud and Crazy Train: The access to these trails is 95% snow free, with only the last switchback covered in snow before accessing Out of the Dust. After that, the trails are all dry, but use CAUTION as both Hey Bud and Crazy Train have a number of large trees down across their route. Until these have been cleared, consider riding the lower elevation trails in the area or heading over to Yummy Numby.


Micro Climate: CLOSURE in effect. Micro Climate is highly susceptible to early season melt and seepage and requires time to dry out before being opened for the season. Please respect this closure to help protect the trail.

Dark Crystal: CLOSURE in effect. The trail is currently covered by snow and with recent bear activity in the area, it won’t be open for a few months longer (probably July). Please respect the closure in place.

Whistler Mountain Bike Trails

Blackcomb tech, already with a touch of dust. PHOTO JUSTA JESKOVA

Lost Lake (Zappa Trails)

The Lost Lake Zappa Trails are running great. Everything in the area is open now and thanks to the work put in by the Whistler Waldorf School kids last week, there is a new section of trail named Muffin Man connecting Central Scrutinizer to Comfortably Numb at the Frisbee golf course to check out. Eventually, this new trail will reach Jelly Roll Gumdrop.

After a fun ride in this area, why not end with a plunge in Lost Lake; in my opinion the best way to end a tour of the buff and flowy single track located in this zone.

Lost Lake Park Rock Roll

Riders Jessie Byrne and Pip Campbell play in Lost Lake Park. PHOTO PETER OPRSAL

Lost Lake Loop on a Mountain Bike

Cruising back after the Lost Lake Trails. Swim, anyone? PHOTO PETER OPRSAL


An area that tends to see less traffic due to the technical nature of the trails, this zone is raring to go. And with the addition of some very useful connectors, including Hot Dog Alley and Cut Above, looping trails in this zone is becoming a real joy.


Hot Dog Alley, the Scotia Creek climb, Beaver Pond, A La Mode, Danimal Middle, Danimal North, Three Birds, 99er, Bush Doctor (which received some love this May) and AC/DC are all clear, dry and ready to roll.

Higher up the mountain, accessible via Darwin’s and the Flank trails, the following descends are also now rideable; Cheap Thrills, Legalize It, High Society (watch out for one tree down 2/3 of the way down the trail) and Working Class.

And let’s not forget about the delightful A Rockwork Orange, Korova Milk Bar and Wizard Burial Ground trails, which are also clear of debris thanks to the builder and ready for your continued enjoyment.


A River Runs Through It: This low lying, relatively flat trail is still drying out from the winters thaw and parts of it are still submerged in water with streams trickling across it. While dry on the north and the south end, the middle section of this route is where the water is pooling and it may be a little while still before this one is fully rideable.


Lord of the Squirrels: CLOSED. Folks, I know you’re anxious to get up onto this incredible new addition to the Westside trail network, but please respect the closure. The trail is still under snow and it will be a while yet before WORCA begins clearing the trail for the season ahead. For those who haven’t yet had the pleasure and delight of descending the masterpiece, check out the Whistler Insiders video on the Lord of the Squirrels trail and stay up to date on current conditions by heading to TrailForks.

Whip Me Snip Me: CLOSED. Fuel thinning works are underway and crews are actively working in the area. Clean up will take place to rehab WMSM once work is completed.

Pura Vida, Industrial Decease and Industrial Waste: The main bridge crossing Sproatt Creek where these three trails effectively meet, is out and in need of replacement. Trying to cross the wide creek while the spring run off is making it gush with water is not advisable.

Danimal North trail

The author hard at work on Danimal North, getting the goods.

Whistler South / Cheakamus

The low lying trails in these two zones are dry and have been open for a little while now. Trails at higher elevation are still questionable, including Kashmir and Kush.


Riverside, Farside, Hi Hi, Hi-line, Duncan’s (It’s Business Time), AM/PM and Tunnel Vision are all good to go. The Microwave Tower access fire road is all clear of snow and running dry providing quick access to these lower trails.

AM/PM Bike Trail Whistler

Lower AM/PM looking buff. Praise be to the trailbuilders – notes on how to support below. PHOTO PIP CAMPBELL


See Colours and Puke: This trail is at a higher elevation with some recently reported snow patches at the start of the trail and plenty of deadfall across the descent.

Big Timber: CLOSED. The RMOW is currently undergoing a fuel thinning project in the Kadenwood Area and therefore Big Timber is currently under a closure.

Heavy Flow: CLOSED. A seasonal wet conditions closure applies to this sensitive trail.

That’s a wrap!

Respect the Trails = Happy Trails

As a reminder, please respect all trail closures and signage that you may come upon while riding. And always pack out what you pack in so you leave no trace (aside from a little trail dust).

For updates on the current fuel thinning projects underway, please visit the Resort Municipality of Whistler website.  And don’t forget to check in with TrailForks for the latest conditions updates before you ride.

And last but not least consider supporting WORCA, a volunteer trail association tasked with the enormous job of maintaining our incredible network of trails. You can purchase a trail pass or membership and get out to a trail night to do a little digging, plus make some new riding pals along the way.

Happy trails!

P.S. Thank you to all the Tourism Whistler staff who helped me compile this report, along with WORCA and a number of local trail builders. Also thanks to local bike shop Gateway Bikes for lending us a couple of brand new Norco Range enduro bikes so we could get out of the office and check out the Lost Lake Trails.

Learn more about biking in Whistler from where to rent bikes, bike park tickets, bike friendly accommodation and more at

Whistler Bike Park Samurai Pizza Cat

Don’t forget the Whistler Bike Park, is also open for business. Bike bike bike. PHOTO JUSTA JESKOVA

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