This post has been updated in December 2023 with some of our new favourite Instagram spots for summer!

In true Pacific Northwest fashion, Whistler is surrounded by striking rainforest, waterfalls and snow capped peaks, making it full of incredible Instagram spots.

We’ve chosen a mix of Village life, Canadiana, architecture and geological wonders to get you feeling inspired. There is something really special about capturing your travels and being able to share and look back on them later through the powers of social media. So go pack your camera and get ready to explore…

In the Village

Audain Art Museum

Aside from the incredible collection of traditional and modern art housed inside, the Audain Art Museum is a west coast masterpiece in and of itself. From the He-yay meymuy (Big Flood) sculpture by Xwalacktun that marks the entrance, to the angled wood paneling and seamless integration into the forest, it is just begging to be Instagrammed.

#fridayafternoon at @audainartmuseum #art #whistler A must See! #onlyinwhistler #audainartmuseum

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How to get there: Located between Day Lots 3 & 4 the museum is accessible from the Valley Trail or Blackcomb Way. The street address is 4350 Blackcomb Way.

Olympic Rings

The Olympic Rings are so popular they had to be lowered so people could pose with them safely. While you might first think they’re over-Instagrammed, we assure you a new angle, favourite outfit or just the right light can keep it original.

Impromptu trip to Whistler 🏔 #onlyinwhistler #explorebc #carriestravel

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How to get there: Enter on the north side of the village or meander along the stroll until you reach Whistler Olympic Plaza.

The Village Stroll

With the picturesque mountains in the background, the cutesy shops, restaurants and hotels lining the stroll and smiley people everywhere, the Village Stroll is one of the most vibrant places in Whistler. There are countless angles and backdrops to be found, making it one of the most diverse and endlessly fun Instagram spots.

The Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre

The Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre is a beautiful spot a short walk from the Village. In particular, the new cedar story pole is well worth the visit, as it tells the story of Spo7ez and the shared territory of the Squamish and Lil’wat peoples.


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How to get there: Walk just 15 minutes from the Village to Upper Village.

On the Mountains

Black Tusk

The view of Black Tusk is as quintessential Whistler as it gets. This remnant of a stratovolcano has served as a culturally significant landmark for thousands of years, in the Squamish language it is called t’ak‘t’ak mu’yin tl’a in7in’a’xe7en, “Landing Place of the Thunderbird”.

How to get there: There’s more than one view of Black Tusk but to find this classic, take the Whistler Gondola and either hike up to Whistler Peak or take the Peak Express chairlift. You’ll need a sightseeing ticket to get up there.

PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola

Welcome to 11 minutes of 360 views. If you’re after an aerial shot, waiting for a gondola with the see-through floor panel (there’s a separate waiting area for these cabins) is worth it. Try angling your camera to avoid reflections in the glass.

How to get there: Grab a sightseeing ticket and upload via the Whistler Gondola to the Roundhouse Lodge and then transfer to the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola. Find out more about alpine sightseeing.

The Cloudraker Skybridge

The Cloudraker Skybridge at the tip of Whistler Mountain offers some of the most spectacular views in the valley. It spans 130m from Whistler Peak to West Ridge, taking you high above Whistler Bowl.

How to get there: You’ll need a sightseeing ticket to upload via the Whistler Gondola to the Roundhouse Lodge. Then take the short walk to the Peak Chair, and the Suspension Bridge is impossible to miss from there.

Mountain Top Inuksuk

Inuksuit were installed around Whistler during preparations for hosting the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. A traditional inuksuk served as a stone marker, mainly used for hunting, navigation and conveying messages to travelers. The large, human shaped inuksuit around Whistler are modern interpretations representing friendship, and since their installation these Canadian cultural icons have welcomed people from all over the world.

Over the weekend I had some of my family members arrive for a visit! Meet Connie, Brodie, Sheila and Ted! It was their very first experience visiting us here to Whistler so as a good guide I took them up the mountain and showed them our amazing backyard!!!! They were just ecstatic as to how much terrain there was and of course the beauty of my new home!!!! It was such an honor to show them how much I care about my family and the distance I will go to make sure their experience is a memorable one! #WhistlerBlackcomb #WBWorkLove #WB360 #HappyLifty #TheirHappyLifty #Family #JMoCaresAboutHisFamily #OnlyInWhistler #Whistler #ExploreBC #AboriginalBC #Inukshuk #AboriginalTourismLeader #NextTourismLeader #YeahBro #FamilyFirst

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How to get there: Upload via the Whistler Gondola and hike Pika’s Traverse to visit this Inuksuk. Explore Whistler Peak, Blackcomb Mountain and the village to find more!

Snow Walls (Spring) / Cheakamus Lake Lookout (Summer)

If you’re here in spring or early summer, the snow walls are a must-see. The towering figures give you a perspective of how much the landscape transforms through the seasons. If you’re visiting in the summer when all of the hiking trails are open and clear of snow we recommend heading out to capture the beautiful alpine-turquoise waters of Cheakamus Lake.

How to get there: Snow walls –  upload Whistler Gondola, follow Pika’s Traverse trail. Cheakamus Lake Lookout: Upload Whistler Gondola and Peak Express chairlift to hike the High Note trail. Find out more about the alpine hiking trails.

Suspension Bridge

There’s more than one suspension bridge around Whistler but the unique thing about the ones at Ziptrek Ecotours is that they’re in the rainforest canopy, that’s about 150 feet off the forest floor. Not to mention, you get to zipline between exploring them!

Who’s ready for a little adventure? 🌲. . . . #onlyinwhistler #explorebc

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How to get there: Book a Eagle, Bear or Mammoth zipline tour from Ziptrek Ecotours.

Out and About

A Whistler Brewery

We are lucky enough to have three local breweries creating all kinds of Whistler/BC inspired craft beer. Each place has their own distinct vibe; head to Coast Mountain Brewing for the rustic cabin feel, Whistler Brewing Co. for an outdoorsy meets industrial experience and The BrewHouse for a big sunny patio right beside Whistler Olympic Plaza.

How to get there: Whistler Brewing Co. and Coast Mountain Brewing are out in Function Junction south of the Village. It’s a half hour pedal from the Village, or you can grab a #10 or #20 bus south (buses are free on weekends over summer, $3.50 in exact change otherwise). The BrewHouse is right by Whistler Olympic Plaza (just find the rings).

Lost Lake Dock

A scenic respite from the main beach area, this dock offers an incredible view of Whistler Mountain. Our minds are hardwired to calm down when looking at water, one of the reasons shots like this are so loved. Go in the early morning to capture that sweet mountain reflection in still water.

Enjoying the stillness of the early morning.

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How to get there: Head to Lost Lake Park and follow the Lost Lake Loop trail.

Brandywine Falls

One of the Sea to Sky’s most spectacular waterfalls, Brandywine plunges 70 meters over the lip of a lava flow. On sunny days you can often see a rainbow at the bottom making it that much more photogenic.


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How to get there: The entrance is off the Sea to Sky Highway on your way to Whistler from Vancouver. The trail to the view point is marked from the parking lot. It is very popular to go off-trail to photograph this waterfall from the bottom but the area is closed not only for your safety but also for habitat protection – please respect the signs. For the creative, there are endless ways to capture this waterfall from the trail without sacrificing the environment.

Train Wreck

Cross a suspension bridge over the Cheakamus River, head into the woods and you’ll find an accident turned into art – and one of the best hidden Instagram spots in Whistler. Since the 1956 crash the train cars have been used as everything from bike jumps to canvases, it’s a true one-of-a-kind incidental art installation.

How to get there: See this post for detailed instructions.

We hope these inspire you to get ‘gramming and discover more Insta-worthy Whistler locations for yourself!

What’s your favourite Instagram spot in Whistler? Share your photos with @GoWhistler using #OnlyInWhistler. Please respect the places you capture so others may enjoy them after you – take only photos, leave only footprints.


Nikkey got her start in Whistler as an outdoor guide and the habit of talking about the place has clearly stuck. Whistler’s general laid-back lifestyle and immediate access to fun is what’s kept her around. When not hanging out on the Whistler Insider team Nikkey works as a freelance creative for outdoor and wellness brands. Nikkey’s favourite Whistler animal is the marmot- she just wants to pinch those fluffy cheeks! (but never would because she respects wildlife and really likes having her fingers attached to her hands.)