Nothing says cozy comfort like a steaming mug of hot chocolate. As soon as the temperatures drop, I start fantasizing about warming up my frosty fingers with a luscious mug of hot cocoa between my palms. I have failed miserably at making my own hot chocolates at home. They often amount to nothing more than a sad, watery, quick fix alongside a burnt tongue (I am not a patient person).


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So, I set out to find a rich and creamy hot chocolate of impossible decadence in Whistler. This resort town has no shortage of cafes and bakeries serving up the hot stuff, but I wanted to round up the best of the best.

What you’ll find in this article are establishments that take their hot chocolate seriously, featuring some well-established favourites as well as some lesser-known stops, all of which came recommended to me by fellow chocoholics.

A man enjoys a hot chocolate from Blenz while looking out over Whistler Olympic Plaza.
Sippin’ on goodness outside Blenz Coffee. PHOTO CHRISTIE FITZPATRICK


Mug Type: Reminiscent of your home mug collection

Froth: Froth-tastic

Best For: White chocolate lovers who mean business

Of all the hot chocolates I tried, Blenz was the only one that gave me chocolate options: white, milk, or dark. And, they’re all made with single-origin, Columbian chocolate. I had immediate decision paralysis, how does one choose?

Eventually, I went for white chocolate and experienced zero regrets. If you’re a white chocolate lover, this is a must-try. Blenz’s hot chocolate gives the impression they’ve melted down an entire Easter egg and simply added a dash of cream to slightly decrease viscosity. Incredible. You probably won’t have an appetite afterward, especially if you get the 20-ounce pint of it (yeah, I did that).

ecologyst Cafe

Mug Type: Hand-made ceramic

Froth: Silky smooth

Best For: When you need a cozy sweater along with your cozy drink

The ecologyst Cafe is tucked inside the ecologyst store, which has a beautiful array of ethically designed clothes made in Victoria, BC. If you’re a fan of a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, this is the one for you. ecologyst Cafe made the list with their perfectly spiced, orange and cardamom hot chocolate. It’s a local favorite with its subtle, earthy flavors and silky smooth froth.

A mug of hot chocolate is passed across the counter at ecologyst in Whistler.
There’s thought put into every aesthetic at ecologyst Cafe, including their coffee station. PHOTO CHRISTIE FITZPATRICK

Their arsenal of hand-made ceramics will have you wanting to replace your entire mug collection and the friendly baristas will likely invoke wardrobe envy. Extra points for location and aesthetic, this is the perfect spot to watch the world go by or pick out a new outfit.

Portobello at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler

Mug Type: Perfect for cradling in your cold hands

Froth: Creamy and rich

Best For: When you actually want to drink an entire chocolate bar

A man holds a mug of hot chocolate dusted with cocoa powder at Portobello in Whistler.
Portobello is a breakfast favourite for Whistler locals. PHOTO CHRISTIE FITZPATRICK

One word: indulgence. This one takes the prize for the most decadent: truly a rich, fudgy, syrupy delight. Each sip seems to leave a layer of silky caramel on your tongue, and the outrageously chocolatey flavour will knock your dodgy Christmas socks off.

I’m not saying that you HAVE to order a donut on the side, but you probably, definitely should. Porto’s is perfect for a quick stop before or after skiing Blackcomb Mountain but get there early as all the locals know about this one (trust me, it’s worth the wait in line!).

Fix Café

Mug Type: Speckled ceramic

Froth: Subtle

Best For: Lovers of adorable latte art

A man cradles a cup of hot chocolate in his hands at Fix Cafe in Whistler.
Fix Cafe – the perfect place to warm your hands after skiing. PHOTO CHRISTIE FITZPATRICK

Fancy a delicious hot chocolate without the sugar high? Head to Fix Cafe in Creekside for a deliciously wholesome five-mushroom, hot chocolate. No, you don’t get mushroom high, but you do get to enjoy the health benefits of five organic, functional mushrooms: reishi, chaga, cordyceps, lion’s mane and turkey tail.


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With a full-flavored chocolatey taste, this one has subtle mushroomy notes flirting with a little bitterness and no added sweetness. A hot chocolate so flavourful and healthy(ish?) you could probably drink it daily.

Braidwood Tavern at Four Seasons Resort Whistler

Mug Type: A glass in the shape of an upside-down polar bear!!!


Best For: When you’ve got an après away from the kids

Two mugs of hot chocolate on a table at the Braidwood Tavern in Whistler.
Hot chocolate is the best way to kick off our après at the Braidwood Tavern. PHOTO CHRISTIE FITZPATRICK

For serious hot choccy connoisseurs, we’ve saved the best until last – but you’d better leave the kids at home. The Braidwood Tavern has a dedicated Hot Chocolates Around the World menu, stacked with Instagram-ready, spiked hot chocolates. Inspired by world-class destinations such as Paris, Tokyo and Oaxaca, you can travel the globe from the comfort of this cozy, Whistler tavern.


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I love the Polar Express, which channels some North Pole vibes. A dangerously creamy, Chambord and coconut concoction, it’s perfectly balanced with just a subtle hint of raspberry. A perfect apres-ski, winter warmer with a bit of a kick!

For those creatures of habit, I should probably mention that Whistler is home to three Tim Hortons locations, two in Whistler Village and one in Creekside. You can of course get an on-mountain hot chocolate at Rendezvous Lodge, Roundhouse Lodge, Crystal Hut, Glacier Creek Lodge, as well as Horstman Hut and Raven’s Nest later in the season.

A man laughs after getting whipped cream in his moustache while drinking a hot chocolate at Blenz in Whistler.
Top tip – bribe your boyfriend to model with hot chocolates. PHOTO CHRISTIE FITZPATRICK

I’ve not come across too many problems that hot chocolate can’t fix. And whether you charged down the slopes today or face-planted your way down, know there’s always a cup of something warm and comforting waiting for you in Whistler.

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Skier, mountain biker and adventurer based in Whistler, BC, Christie loves to explore the hidden nooks of BC. She is usually found hanging out behind everyone because she's busy taking photos and is definitely not, totally out of breath.