Updated March 2024

Whistler is an adventure Mecca. From tackling whitewater rapids to gunning it on an ATV, ziplining across mountains to swinging in the trees, Whistler’s activity providers make life in the mountains pretty exciting.

We’ve gathered together some general information on what you need to know when you book an adventure tour in Whistler this summer and fall.

What to Wear on a Whistler Adventure Tour

There are plenty of times and places in Whistler where you can dress to impress. But this is not one of those moments. Depending on the exact tour, you might get muddy, snowy, wet, sweaty, airborne, or a mix of all of the above, so you’ll need to dress the part.

Footwear should always be comfortable closed-toed shoes. Sneakers or something you can easily adventure in is a good option here.

As for clothing, aim for warm layers, with a waterproof layer on top if your adventure includes water or snow (don’t underestimate the size of the puddles you’ll drive through in a buggy!). Try to avoid overly loose clothing that could get caught in a harness or machinery.

Remember that even if it’s mid-summer and hot in the Village, it can still be quite chilly in the high alpine. If your tour heads up the mountains, be sure to dress appropriately.

And if it’s cold, bring a toque (beanie), gloves, and scarf.

Your adventure provider will provide any specialized gear such as helmets and goggles, but be sure to read the tour instructions or ask your booking agent for further advice.

A zipliner flies down a mountain in Whistler.
With warm layers, sturdy shoes and a good pair of gloves, you’ll be ready for any adventure. Photo: The Adventure Group

Arriving on Time

Arriving on time is essential for any Whistler adventure tour.

It’s likely you’ll need to fill out and sign some forms (waivers), get a safety briefing, pick up gear, and talk through the plan for the adventure. Being late can mean holding up the whole group, and potentially spending less time out enjoying the outdoors.

Tipping Etiquette on Adventure Tours

Not everyone is accustomed to tipping, and if you’re unsure about how it all works, keep in mind that tips are never compulsory.

That said, it’s not uncommon to bring a crisp $10 or $20 note for a guide. If you feel like they’ve made your experience truly memorable and done a great job, it’s a nice way to say thanks for going the extra mile. Shorter tours typically elicit smaller tips, whereas longer, full-day tours tend to lead to larger tips.

However, don’t feel pressured to tip. A crisp high five and genuine thanks will never go astray, nor a positive review online.

Whistler Adventure Tour Inspiration

Arms out, thumbs up, smiles so big they hurt your face. Here are some shots from our Whistler tour providers to give you some inspiration for your own adventures this summer and fall.

Like what you see? Although they say a photo is worth a thousand words, here are some adventure-based experiential blogs in case you’re on the fence (or perhaps a suspension bridge or treetop platform)!

If you have any questions, the Ask Whistler Live Chat Service is available seven days a week from 8 AM to 7 PM PST via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS and phone.


You can often find Dee exploring all Whistler has to offer with her three-kid tribe in tow. Originally from the UK, Dee enjoys balancing out high-thrills adventures with down-time basking in the beauty of the wonderful place she now calls home.