There are over 90 food and drink events happening during the 11 days of Whistler Cornucopia, from November 8 – 18, 2018. This can be a little overwhelming at first glance, but we’ve got some handy guides that can help you navigate these incredible events. However, don’t be afraid to mix and match or dabble in something new – this is the whole idea of the festival, to explore, experiment, and celebrate!

Below are eight guides based on some of the most popular interests at Cornucopia…

Cornucopia Guide for Liquor Lovers

Cocktail Drink Seminar

The world of spirits is not for the faint-hearted. In large quantities, hard liquor can scorch the taste buds and lead to questionable life choices, but when sipped and sampled, mixed with intelligence, and consumed in the company of good people they offer a world of distilled discovery (and potentially nights of unrivalled sophistication). Thanks to the myriad of events at Cornucopia, you can dip your toe into the world of spirits at a tasting, expand your palate and learn more about your favourite liquor – be it gin, vodka or scotch – at a seminar, or go all in with a themed dinner or night of art. Take a look at this guide and if you need a little something to get you going…

Cornucopia Guide for Beer Lovers

Cornucopia Poured

It’s no secret that beer and mountains go hand in hand. The Pacific Northwest is a hotspot of beer brewing and consumption with microbreweries to be found around every corner, hops farms making a comeback and more amazing beers than one can possibly hope to drink in a lifetime. This is a growing segment for the festival, so check out the guide to dive in.

This year’s Masterclass video features Kevin Winter from Whistler’s very own Coast Mountain Brewery – makes us want to grab a cold one…

Cornucopia Guide to Healthy Eating and Wellness

Yoga and Healthy Food at Nourish Events

Given how important food is to our health and wellbeing there’s no wonder that recent years have seen a rise in conscious eating. People are choosing to create their meals from scratch, explore healthier alternatives, eat local and even grow their own food. If you feel the need to change your habits, or deepen your understanding of healthy eating, rest assured there’s plenty on the plate for you at Cornucopia, take a look at this guide.

Cornucopia Guide for Arts & Culture Fans

Evening at the Audain

Food and drink is for consuming, yes, but every meal is also an opportunity for adventure and artistry. Why simply have dinner when you could travel the world with an international chef as your guide? Why not pair a beverage with quick-witted comedy or funky beats? Why not revel in the artistry of culinary geniuses for 11 days straight? Read this guide to answer a few of those questions.

Cornucopia Guide for Wine Buffs and Industry Insiders

Industry Events

Whether you are an avid consumer or in the business of creating and serving wine, Whistler is the place to sharpen your palate. Network with like-minded wine buffs and find new and exciting wines to share. We’ve gathered a few of the events from the Cornucopia schedule that might appeal to those who love a drop of wine more than the average person right here in this guide.

Cornucopia Guide for Gourmets and Entertainers

Wine and Chocolate Pairing

Cornucopia celebrates all facets of the culinary world, from learning where food comes from to the skills needed to create a stunning dish and the art of pairing food and drinks of all kinds. We outline events in this guide that offer something for the gourmets (and gourmands), the entertainers, and those who want to explore the fascinating world of cooking and eating.

Cornucopia Guide for Party Animals

Party at the Picnic

A night out filled with delicious food and drinks, good company and dancing is a fine thing indeed, and in Whistler we’re definitely not above trading hiking boots for high heels after the sun goes down. Have a look at this guide for some party-fuelled suggestions.

Cornucopia Guide for the New and Curious

Poured Grand Tasting Event

With such a diverse array of events on the table, the key to enjoying Cornucopia is finding what piques your palate. This guide for the new and curious is an overview of some of the must-do events that will give you a taste for the fest.

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