They say there’s no such thing as friends on a pow day, but we disagree.

Much like a heist movie, each player needed for the perfect pow day plays a very specific, but critical role in making the day awesome. Follow this guide to assemble the perfect crew to make sure you don’t blow it when it matters.

1. The Timekeeper

On a pow day, getting to the lift early is absolutely essential. The timekeeper can be counted on to wake up at the crack of dawn, and harass you with texts until you’re out of bed too. They’re also responsible for keeping everyone hustling to the lift. Coffee can be drank in line, boots can be done up on the lift, your timekeeper will keep you from wasting precious time that should be spent on powder turns.

Learn more about setting yourself up for snow success with these Insider tips for powder days, and if you’re on the first ski day for the season we’ve got a guide for that too.

Sunny bluebird powder turns

2. The Guide

Knowing the best places to go can be make, or break, for a great day on the hill day. Your group’s guide should have deep knowledge of secret stashes and the best ways to avoid the crowds. Don’t stress if you don’t know anyone perfectly qualified for the job, you can hire an expert guide for the day here.

Bonus: Look for the mountain guides on Whistler-Blackcomb. They offer free orientation tours daily – just meet at 11.15 AM at the top of the gondola at either mountain and look for the signs.

Powder Day in Whistler

3. The Hype-Person

Pow days feel good, real good. But sometimes with all the preparation and go-go-go you can get a little jaded to just how amazing it really is. Every group of friends on a pow day needs a hype-person whose infectious energy will get you jazzed as well. You can recognize a hype person by their high fives, whoops, and the fact they are always frothing for another lap.

Good times in fresh snow

4. The Historian

When you’re charging all day it can be easy to forget capture any pics. The historian can always be counted on to snap shots at key moments that really capture the essence (including a cheesy chairlift group shot or two). You’ll thank them when Facebook serves you up one of those shots as a memory and it takes you right back to how rad that day was.

5. The Foodie

All these other buddies are great, but when it comes to friends on a pow day that you’ll appreciate more than anything, it’s hard to beat the foodie.

The foodie brings top tier pocket snacks and shares them on gondolas and in lift lines. Not only that, they know all the best spots on the mountain for quick fixes, long lunches, and Caesars with spectacular views (not that the Umbrella Bar is much of a secret).

They will help you keep your energy up to tackle the pow, and gently guide you to the best giant plate of nachos at the end of the day. What’s not to love?


For the perfect day stick to groups of four or less, the perfect size to always ride the lift together and have those awesome chairlift conversations. Of course you should fill one of these roles – which one are you?


Megan is a mountain adventurer guilty of breaking the golden rule, telling everyone her mountain secrets (ok, maybe she keeps a few to herself). Ontario by birth, and now Whistler by choice, even a decade later, the mountains still take her breath away.