As the calendar ticks over into a new year, many of us are looking forward to fresh beginnings, promising to make healthier lifestyle choices and exercise more (resolutions intentionally vague enough so that we can cheat a wee bit).

Just spending time in the mountains alone can give you a healthy glow and leave you feeling energized. But, fuelling your body with superfoods and nutritious goodies can add that extra pep in your step and give you more energy for those pow days.

Here are some of our favourite places to grab a healthy bite (or drink) in Whistler.  

Green Moustache Organic Café

This veteran healthy eatery is a staple for lovers of nutritious, plant-based meals. The Green Mo, as it’s affectionately called, serves up one hundred per cent organic, whole foods and delicious meals for every time of the day. There are two locations to visit in Whistler; their flagship store is located in the Marketplace in Whistler Village, close to Fresh St. Market, and their second location is in Function Junction, a ten-minute drive south of the Village. 

Six colourful smoothies from The Green Moustache seen from above.
An array of colour, fresh produce and yumminess at The Green Moustache. PHOTO ANASTASIA CHOMLACK

Check out their cold-pressed juices, smoothies, meals and desserts packed with superfoods (which taste really, really great!). For breakfast, indulge in banana, buckwheat pancakes or a smoothie bowl topped with granola, caramel cashew cream, raspberry crumbs, hemp seeds, coconut and lime zest. While you’re there, grab lunch to go. Their Green Mo’ Wrap is a great choice, especially when paired with their decadent Liquid Gold dressing. 

A lunch bowl from The Green Moustache.
The Green Moustache Organic Café offers cold-pressed juices, smoothies, meals, and desserts packed with flavour (and superfoods). PHOTO ANASTASIA CHOMLACK

The owners of The Green Moustache walk the walk when it comes to healthy living. Co-owner Nicolette Richer will be running and cycling from Victoria, BC to St. John’s, Newfoundland to raise awareness about their mission to reverse 22 million cases of chronic disease by 2030 through the power of healthy eating. 

Hundo-P The Smoothie Bar

Locals love Hundo-P, a hidden gem nestled in a tiny nook in Village Square by The Whistler Grocery Store. Owner, Mike Whalen, who originally hails from Newfoundland, blends up an assortment of nutritious grab-and-go smoothies, inspired by global flavours he discovered during his travels.

The Nutz and Bolts smoothie from Hundo-P The Smoothie Bar.
Hundo-P, a tiny smoothie bar tucked in Whistler Village, takes you around the world with its nutritious smoothies and global flavours. PHOTO HUNDO-P

Get an extra kick with the Bohemian Rhapsody, which includes cold brew coffee and organic cacao nibs. Or go back to your childhood with a PB & J smoothie. Boost your smoothie by adding extra ingredients like MCT oil, bone broth protein or collagen (which are great for your skin and cartilage health). Vegan protein is also available upon request.

Naked Sprout Juice Bar Café

Breakfast is served all day at Naked Sprout Juice Bar Café, which sources fresh, local, GMO-free ingredients for their mouth-watering menu. Vegans and vegetarians will be pleased to know that ninety-five per cent of the menu is plant-based (although there are a few pescatarian options).

An orange and green smoothie sat amongst fruit and vegetables from the Naked Sprout in Whistler.
Naked Sprout Juice Bar Café sources fresh, local, non-GMO ingredients for its ninety-five per cent plant-based menu. PHOTO NAKED SPROUT

Try the Superfood Oatmeal or the tongue-in-cheek Millennial Avocado Toast for breakfast or sample a fresh-pressed juice. The Holy Kale is packed with all the good stuff: kale, turmeric, apple and carrot. You can also opt for a plant-based smoothie, including the Matcha, which is loaded with antioxidants. Let’s face it — we can’t be perfect all the time, so if you happen to find yourself with a bit of a hangover, one of their ginger, cayenne pepper and lemon Elixir Shots will sort you out. 

Naked Sprout, which is located in the Village Common in Whistler Village, puts a lot of emphasis on sustainability and was recently voted a Top 3 Most Sustainable Business at the Whistler Excellence Awards.  

Confetti Gelato

Healthy living is all about balance, right? Confetti, located in Creekside Village, might be known for their tasty gelato, gourmet coffee and decadent hot chocolates, but they also have an array of delicious and nutritious offerings.

The oatmeal bowl and a coffee at Confetti in Whistler.
Located in Creekside Village, Confetti offers smoothies and oatmeal bowls to power up your ski day. PHOTO CONFETTI

Try one of their vibrant smoothie bowls, packed with fresh ingredients like goji berries, coconut, oats and hemp hearts. Their next-level oatmeal bowls aren’t like grandma’s bland porridge — they’re packed with flavour and fun to eat. All their oatmeal bowls are made with coconut milk, which provides a creamy base. Crunch your way through the Nutty Professor, packed with chia seeds, honey and mixed nuts. Or, enjoy an Oatmeal S’more with chocolate, mini marshmallows and graham crackers on top (it’s still healthyish). Confetti’s close proximity to Whistler Blackcomb’s Creekside base makes this the perfect place to swing by pre- or post-ski for sustenance. 

Pangea Pod Hotel

Millennials might get a playful nudge for their avocado toast obsession, but there’s a reason why it’s such a popular breakfast option for all generations. Silky smooth, versatile and delicious, avocado is packed with antioxidants, aids with digestion and strengthens bones.

Two slices of avocado toast with cherry tomatoes presented on a plate at the Pangea Pod Hotel in Whistler.
Opt for a healthy brunch option so you can enjoy a decadent Caesar at The Living Room in the Pangea Pod Hotel. PHOTO PANGEA POD HOTEL

But, most importantly, you can offset your penchant for a breakfast cocktail when visiting The Living Room at Pangea Pod Hotel in Whistler Village for brunch. Order their smashed avo on sourdough toast topped with balsamic vinegar, while you enjoy a Smoked Sriracha Caesar, made of chili vodka, Pangea in-house Caesar mix, clamato juice, lemon juice and pickles. It’s really a win, win! Pangea also gets a special mention for their seasonal smoothies, which you’ll find during the summer months.

We hope you will find your new favourite, Whistler health food haunt the next time you’re up here in the mountains – for more yummy ideas take a look at Whistler’s dining guide. Chat to a locally based travel agent about your future trip and if you’ve always dreamed of visiting Whistler but haven’t had the chance, enter the Winterscape Contest for a chance at winning an incredible Whistler travel package. 


Amber is a freelance storyteller and outdoor adventurer who has spent 9 years living in the beautiful Sea to Sky Corridor. When not crafting content and creative for her clients, she spends her spare time snowboarding, hiking, biking and SUPing her way through the wilds of BC. Fun Fact: she spent the first 7 years of her life living on a sailboat and travelling the world with her family. Now, she has the best of both worlds, splitting her time between ocean and mountains—and loving every minute of it.