Regular Insider contributor Brian Hockenstein can often be found with a camera attached both in and out of the resort – he’s responsible for a bunch of our Insider Videos. He took time out to share his tips for shooting with today’s amazing cameras, choosing the ever-popular GoPro as an example.

Part 1: Basic GoPro Settings- Frame Rate and Frame Size

Before you even start shooting it’s important to dial in the settings. Picking the resolution and frame rate for your Go Pro is one of the first steps. In this video Brian walks us through the pros and cons of shooting 4K vs 1080 video, plus loads up some slo-mo demos to highlight the importance of frame rate.

Part 2: Intro to GoPro Mounts

Choosing where to place your GoPro can have a massive impact on the footage you collect. Brian shows a couple of the most popular mounting systems and gives his tried-and-true tips for setting the mounts up correctly so you don’t lose your camera in the pow.

Part 3: Advanced GoPro Mounts

There’s more to using a GoPro than the old ‘tele tubbie’ helmet mount, and if you want to up your game throwing in a different angle can really make a difference. Brian takes a look at more ideas for camera placement, from the handlebar mount to the selfie stick and gimbals, with great tips on how to reduce shake.

Part 4: The Creative Process

The camera is the tool, but you’re the one creating the footage. Choosing your mounts, what and how you shoot and how you edit the footage will make a massive difference to the final product. In this section Brian has some wise words and examples to inspire you to think outside the box and start experimenting with your videos.

Now get out there and start creating!


Brian Hockenstein is a Whistler-based photographer and filmmaker who loves nothing more than spending time in the incredible British Columbia wilderness and sharing the amazing sights he sees along the way, whether through photography, film or emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality Video.