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My Favourite Whistler Christmas with Julia Murray

Guest Blogger: Julia Murray

I grew up here so I am probably biased but I think Whistler is the best place to spend Christmas because there is a feeling of being separated from the rest of the world and our little valley harnesses a really festive buzz. It’s like we are all inside a holiday snow globe with family, friends, snow and lots of parties (including my birthday!).

For me, Christmas always meant searching for the perfect Christmas tree, wearing a Santa hat to bed with my PJs, huge snowforts in the backyard (monster slide included), lake skating, mach-speed shredding on the mountain and waking up at 6 AM to discover Santa had not only eaten all my shortbread cookies but also left sooty footprints on the living room floor and presents!

My favourite Christmas ever was probably Christmas 1998. We got so much snow, I remember staring past the Christmas tree out to the balcony and the snow was piled up past the railings. I guess every Christmas in Whistler is a favourite though because everyone takes more time than usual to be with family and friends and appreciate each other. Maybe it’s the Baileys and coffee…?

Enough reminiscing though, here are my Whistler Christmas Top Five Best Things To Do:

Most importantly, have fun and spread the love. Merry Whist-mas!