A Dude’s Guide to Whistler Spas: Part 2

A Dude’s Guide to Whistler Spas: Part 2

Traditionally, spas have belonged firmly in the woman’s world but more and more dudes seem to be hitting them up these days. Last week The Insider started nosing around some of Whistler’s great spas to find out what’s luring the men in and what the rest of us chaps are missing out on.

Check out the original post and then get ready for the inside scoop on three more of Whistler’s finest spots to take a load off and pamper yourself like the man you are. Also spa gift certificates always go over well with the lady in your life – or your mom, or sister, or anyone. Christmas is not that far away.

Vida Spa at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler
Upper Village, Whistler 1 800-401-4018

The Spot: Vida Spa is big, posh and probably the oldest spa in Whistler (spa-ing since 1989) plus you can see the ski slopes from the hot tub. Best known for their traditional Indian Ayurvedic treatments, Vida Spa has over 40 items on their menu, everything from classic Swedish massage to every type of facial imaginable (almost) to full-experience pedicures to Hot Stone and Thai massage.

Recommended Treatment: “The 1.5 or 2-hour Ayurvedic warm oil massage is our signature,” Vida’s spa manager explains. “We pay extra attention to the head and scalp to really help with getting you out of your busy headspace.” The massage helps release toxins and then a dry brush exfoliation will stimulate the body’s natural immune system for a deep and profound relaxation.

Amenities: 15 massage rooms (2 doubles), 3 pedicure and 2 manicure stations, lunch and beverage service and guests get access to the Fairmont Health Club right across the hall – indoor/outdoor pool, lap pool, multiple hot tubs (with mountain views), steam rooms, sauna, cardio and stretching rooms.

Deals and Specials: The Fairmont pools and hot tubs are all being totally renovated for this winter and will be among the nicest in town. The Vida’s “Express Treatments” are always a bargain – 30-minute target massage, foot therapy or a facial for $65. And this year’s holiday spa special is: for every $100 you spend on spa gift cards you get $25 back free for your own use (just be sure to mention this promotion before you buy).

Overall Dude-liness: 7/10. Vida offers back or chest waxing for dudes who want to feel a bit more streamlined. They also have a Teen Facial that could help with the young dudes who want to clear up their complexions in time for prom. Vida’s Sports Massage can also be good for dudes with nagging sports injuries.

Vida Spa and the The Fairmont Chateau are quite literally slopeside.

2011 Innsbruck Dr #209, Creekside 604-905-7747

The Spot: This one feels the youngest and hippest of all the spas. Rocking a slightly Moroccan décor, ecochicspa offers all kinds of massages, mani/pedi, facials, body wraps, waxing, tinting, spray tan and even ear-candling!

“We actively work to reduce our environmental footprint,” says Elyse Mitchell, spa manager. “We try to use as many natural products as possible, so long as they work. That includes our cleaning products too. We avoid huge major corporations and and we try to retail ethical companies based on the West Coast to reduce shipping.” Basically, they care about the earth as much as they about you and I.

Recommended Treatment: “The unity massage is a mix of hot stones to help with energy flow and laval shells heated from within to help massage out the muscles,” Elyse says. “This is a perfect après ski massage.”

Amenities: 8 rooms (2 doubles) and 3 wet rooms for scrubs and wraps. 2 mani/pedi rooms with cool views of the village outside.

Deals and Specials: “We don’t have an in-house hairstylist,” Elyse explains, “but we bring up a celebrity stylist from Beverly Hills every three weeks.” Chic right? This is also the spot for parties. “We can accommodate a 12-person group easy enough.”

Ecochicspa is also Whistler’s exclusive retailer for Liv Haley jewelry, a collection designed by two Whistler locals that is making waves in Hollywood and around the world.

Dude-liness: 7/10. The heated countertops at the front desk will catch any dude’s attention and ecochicspa offers a men’s hot towel facial, because you know your skin is gonna be dry after ripping on the mountain all day.

Aviva Wellness Massage Spa
Sundial Place, Whistler Village 604-905-4442

The Spot: Located above Castros Cuban Cigar store, Aviva runs a professional operation and prides itself on offering the best massage prices in Whistler. And here’s how they do it: to become a Registered Massage Therapist in Canada requires three years of training. Aviva utilizes masseuses registered in other countries like Australia or Japan who are only here on 1-2 year working visas. This allows for more affordable rates. “This is massage for normal working people,”” says owner Matt Hall.

Recommended Treatment: Aviva only offers Swedish massage. And Matt recommends booking for at least an hour and half. “An hour goes by so fast,” he says. “With an hour and a half there is no rush, and the only real problem is you’ll probably never want to settle for just an hour again.”

Amenities: 3 tables.

Deals and Specials: Every day is a deal at the cheapest place in town. “Fifty dollars for an hour massage,” Matt says. “You can get three massages here for the price of one at some of the other places.”

Dude-liness: 9/10. This is a good intro spa for dudes who have never even considered spa-ing. It’s not posh and pampering like the big spas but it’s cheap (dudes love cheap) and your sore ski muscles will appreciate the treatment just as much. Plus the entrance is through Castro’s Cuban Cigar Store so you can celebrate your first time with a nice Cuban stogie!

This is only the start, a person could literally spa for a week in Whistler and never hit the same place twice. Feel free to check out The Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa the Whislter Hidden Spa or hit the Whistler.com Spa page for a more complete list. Happy spa-ing bro!

Feet Banks

Feet Banks

Feet Banks moved to Whistler at age 12 so his parents could live the dream and ski as much as possible. He ended up living it too. After leaving home Feet did a few good stints in warmer climates and 4 years of writing school before returning to the mountains to make ski movies, hammer out a journalism career and avoid the 9-5 lifestyle as long as possible. He’s been a hay farmer, a hole digger, a magazine editor and has a jump named after him on Blackcomb Mountain, Feet’s Air. It’s tiny.