Updated July 2023

Sweet treats in Whistler – the ultimate bribing tool when it comes to the kids (the little ones AND the big ones). Want them to go a few extra kilometres on that hike or bike ride? Do it for ice cream. Want them to get out of the lake and stop cannonballing the sunbathers? Do it for a donut. Want them to stand still for that Insta-worthy family shot at the Olympic rings? Do it for a toffee apple.

Whether you’re an ice cream lover, donut aficionado, flip out over pancakes, or if a scone and tea are more how you roll, Whistler’s got you covered. Here are eight suggestions for a sweet treat in Whistler. We’ve also put them all in a handy, self-guided tour format on our Go Whistler Tours app, which is free to download.

Great Glass Elevator Candy Shop

The Great Glass Elevator Candy Shop is like Tiffany’s, but for kids. Every wall, nook and cranny is filled with something colourful, sugary, or chocolatey. Kids love filling a mixed candy bag from the bulk bins teeming with gummies, red wheels and cola balls, and for the adults, it might be a trip down memory lane when you spot a few things you might have gorged on as a nipper – remember Nerds?

They also stock some rather unique candy options, avocado and chips flavoured chocolate, anyone? Be warned, a trip here could take a while so make sure you use this bribe-worthy locale on something big.

Crêpe Montagne

This could be a breakfast, lunch, or dinner cunningly disguised as a sweet treat, as Crêpe Montagne is a traditional French crêperie with a menu packed with savoury and sweet filling options. In the warmer months, their patio is a lovely place to sip on a coffee, people watch and devour fork-fulls of folded, buttery, crêpe.


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You might find that this place has a bit of a lineup during peak season as its reputation for a decadent sweet treat has travelled far and wide. Trust us though, purebread is worth the wait. You’ll be tempted to say – one of everything, just to ease the decision-making process, but that would be crazy, right? Yeah crazy, although…no, that would be a little OTT. You’ll see what we mean when you get there.


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COWS Whistler

Ice cream has to be one of the top bribery methods amongst parents and people with partners who have a big sweet tooth and little stamina – just one more hill and you’ll have earned it! Handmade and ridiculously creamy, the options at COWS Whistler are extensive, vibrant, wittily named and come in your choice of waffle cone.


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If you’re with young children we’d like to point out the benches that line the Village Stroll, as no one wants to see their cone hit the deck.

Hot Buns Bakery

You know when you watch a cartoon where the character smells something really good and then follows that wafting goodness all the way to its source? They’d end up at Hot Buns Bakery just as they were just setting a tray of glazed cinnamon buns on the side in all their sticky glory. This bakery is also known for its muffins, waffles and crepes, but there’s just something about that warm, cinnamon smell that gets us every time.


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Rocky Mountain Chocolate

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but does it count if that apple is dipped in caramel and then blanketed in chocolate? Rocky Mountain Chocolate is a must-scoff location just steps from the Whistler Village Gondola, so ideally placed for that après ski / hike sugar fix.

This is a chocolate lovers’ heaven, especially if you love it combined with caramel and nuts, just take a look at the Chewy Marmot below. Their slabs of fudge are also out of this world with flavors like strawberries and cream, and the strikingly blue, bubblegum. This is a great place to buy some take-home treats for loved ones, or just you (no judgment here).


Portobello, located at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler in the Upper Village, is home to the doissant, a decadent hybrid creation (part donut, part croissant) it just has to be tried, tested and deliberated upon. Talking of donuts, you’ll spot an array of them here, but the one to look out for is the Maple Bacon.


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This is a combination well known to Canadians, but sometimes a little surprising for international guests who don’t consider maple syrup to be a go-to condiment. It is however a case of, what have we been missing all these years?!


Another stop for fresh, tasty treats in Creekside is the locally-owned, award-winning bakery BReD. They proudly serve vegan products and are aiming to change people’s perception that this means there’s a sacrifice in taste and flavour. One glance at their countertop and you’re sold; just look at their Organic Pemberton Strawberry and Earl Grey Tea Sourdough Cinnamon Buns…


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However you feel about bribery, or what we might start calling rewarding good behaviour, I think we can safely say that these tantalizing treats would certainly do the trick. We hope you find the sweet treat of your dreams while you’re out exploring Whistler, for more self-guided tour options check out our new Go Whistler Tours app (it’s free).

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You can often find Dee exploring all Whistler has to offer with her three-kid tribe in tow. Originally from the UK, Dee enjoys balancing out high-thrills adventures with down-time basking in the beauty of the wonderful place she now calls home.