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Food Trucks Whistler LakesRainbow Park on Alta Lake, Whistler – the perfect place for a picnic.

Good news, everyone – fresh, healthy meals are coming to a sunny lakeside lawn near you. After a successful pilot project during the summer of 2015, the highly anticipated addition of food trucks to Whistler’s culinary scene is sure to see more people outdoors for a bite to eat.

Mobile Munchies

Thousands of visitors flock to the Whistler area every year to enjoy the multitude of activities this spectacular mountain town has to offer, so having lunch surrounded by nature simply makes sense. Why leave your glorious spot by the lake when you can take a short stroll over to the nearest mobile food vendor happily waiting to pacify the rumble in your tummy? The days of trekking around with hungry, hangry kids in tow will be just a distant memory…

Food trucks have been thriving in Vancouver for quite some time now. It’s so popular, there’s an app named Street Food Vancouver that guides hungry users amongst the plethora of street food vendors using daily updates and mapping technology. Whistler’s food trucks may be a ways away from needing such technological guidance, but the cultural diversity of cuisine offered by the seven trucks signed up this summer is sure to satisfy the hungry visitors flocking to this mountainous playground.

Lakes and Beaches WhistlerHunger can take the edge off a perfect day – Whistler’s food trucks to the rescue!

Meet the Food Trucks

So what can one expect to sample this summer in Whistler? The options are delicious and varied, with something to please every appetite. (Warning: the following may induce cravings.)

Cheeses Crust has been toasting ooey, gooey cheese sandwiches inside its sleek, shiny black Crust Mobile throughout the lower mainland since 2014. The humble grilled cheese sandwich, a long-time staple in the comfort food arena, has been given a leg-up into gourmet status by using BC sourced products such as AAA beef, sourdough bread, and onions and peppers from the Pemberton and Whistler valleys. Be warned – this truck drops bombs; delectable, cheesy bombs! Get your hands on a Bacon Bomb, or West Coast Prawn Bomb and wash it down with refillable, ice cold raspberry lemonade. And yes, there are gluten-free options served up on corn tacos!

Lost Lake ParkMournful due to munchies? Look for the smart black and red Cheeses Crust truck for a pick-me-up in Lost Lake Park this summer.

The Schnitzel Shack has been dishing up signature sandwiches and homemade soups since 2010, and their food truck offerings are sure to please. The rubs, sauces, and dips used to create items such as the Schnitzel Madley and the Kimchi Kissed are all lovingly handcrafted, and impart unique and original flavors to the menu items. Even the sausage is made from scratch! There’s a Shroom Double for the vegetarians, along with quinoa and cold pasta salads for the vegans to nosh. Those with a sweet tooth can rejoice, knowing the cookies, bars, and berry-infused drinks are all homespun.

Whether you follow the paleo diet or not, the Caveman Grocer truck is certain to satisfy your hunger this summer. Eschewing grains, dairy and processed foods, the paleo diet is comprised chiefly of meats, fish, fruits, and nuts. Park goers can dine on the Pemby Pad Thai or try out the Build-A-Bowl option using free-range chicken and pork, 100% organic beef, and seasonal veggies sourced from local growers. If you’re lucky, their famous sugar-free banana bread will be available for dessert!

Whistler FishingDidn’t catch a thing? Console yourself with a fish taco from Dups Burritos lakeside eatery.

Dups Burritos has been rolling up Mexican fare for the Whistler area for over 10 years running. The smartly named Chief Burrito (made with both chicken and beef) and the Chimichonger are guaranteed to make a dent in the largest of appetites. Expect typical and delicious Mexican cuisine such as quesadillas, mexifries, nachos and guacamole to round out the menu.

Carte Diem is encouraging all patrons to seize the souvlaki, and boy, do they deliver a tasty one! Greek favorites such as hummus, dolmathes, and tzatziki round out the offering of pork, beef, chicken, and lamb souvlaki wraps and skewers. Get your daily serving of vegetables in with a feta cheese laced Greek salad and you’re set for an afternoon on the docks.

The Good Mood Food truck will be enticing patrons with plump pierogis, lovingly handmade with all natural ingredients. Look for dairy free, artisanal fruit and veggie bars for that sweet fix after your savory plate of dumplings.

Carte Diem Food TruckTop off a brisk walk around Lost Lake with a delicious Greek feast on the lawn with Carte Diem.

Rounding out the multicultural food fest is the Whistler Wood Fired Pizza Company. This is not your average pizza though! The thin-crust Neapolitan style slices begin with non-GMO flour imported directly from Italy. Dry-cured meats and local veggies are layered atop the high-protein dough base, and each pizza is then cooked to perfection in a wood fired copper oven. Truly a slice of Italian heaven! Gluten and dairy free customers are very welcome here – all you have to do is ask nicely.

Show Me The Schedule

The food trucks will be on the go from July 1 to September 5 with three trucks operating – one at Rainbow, Lost Lake, and Spruce Grove parks from 11 AM to 5 PM each day. The success of this year’s pilot program will determine whether the food trucks will be in operation for the 2017 summer season so your patronage, and feedback is both wanted and encouraged.

You can find out what food trucks are where using the handy Food Truck Finder from the RMOW. Get outdoors and get eating!

Canoe Ahoy“Paddle faster, human – I smell pierogis!”

From patios to picnics and mountain-top BBQs, we’re looking forward to a summer of chowing down outside. Plan a delectable getaway at


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