We’ve run through the World Ski & Snowboard Festival vital stats, and we’ve got you stoked to watch the return of the Saudan Couloir Ski Race Extreme this weekend.

But WSSF isn’t all numbers and adrenaline. We’re going for full right-brain-left-brain stimulation at this fest. Stimulate the senses with a wander through the SWATCH ART + Soul exhibit now through til Friday, and see a kaleidoscope of creativity driven by the mountain landscape, people and culture, an eclectic and colourful collection of styles, genres and media of all kinds.

Check out the artists painting live in the afternoons and you can even pick up an original piece for your very own. But don’t delay…talent moves quick around here whether it sports skis or a pen.

Check out images from the Instagram accounts from a small selection of the long list of talented artists on show and make tracks for the Whistler Conference Centre to see the entire exhibition before it ends on Friday April 13.  Long live art!

Ali Cat


Andrea Mueller


Kathleen Tennock


 Benji Lowclass



David Xin



Jessa Gilbert



Nikkey Dawn



Taka Sudo





Follow SWATCH ART + Soul on Instagram for more!


Stay tuned for more news on events and arts and culture happenings throughout the year. Hit up the World Ski and Snowboard Festival April 10 – 15, 2018 for a dose of spring energy.



Pip has somehow worked her way around from being a snow-and-bike bum to holding a real job while also being outdoors as much as possible. She’s collected scars, bikes for (almost) every occasion, a small trail dog and a love of craft beer plus a rudimentary understanding of skiing, snowboarding, sketching, and the art of chairlift conversations. She currently believes a combination of gravity, snow, dirt and rad people are what make Whistler tick but investigations are ongoing.