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Show & Tell: Why You Need to Go to Wanderlust Whistler This Year

Wanderlust Whistler 2018 is coming up faster than lightning, so we’re serving up a little fresh inspiration so you don’t miss the chance to get your festival fix.

This four-day festival and meeting of the minds is always a highlight of the summer, and the perfect way to reset, re-energize and explore Whistler.


Honestly, we think the location itself is enough motivation to grab your ticket but if you need more convincing, keep scrolling. This is why you need to go to Wanderlust Whistler:

To Try Different Types of Yoga and Meditation

The trees of yoga asana and meditation practices are BIG with many branches that have evolved differently over time. It would be difficult and confusing to practice all of them all the time but switching it up now and again can lead to wonderful discoveries. You may find learning to let go in a Yin practice is just what your yang practice needed. If there’s something on the schedule you’ve never had a chance to practice (or maybe even heard of), this is the place to try it.

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Photos courtesy of Wanderlust.

To Learn & Get Inspired

Feel like you’re on auto-pilot in your practice? Spending multiple days immersed in yoga with one-of-a-kind instructors is bound to give you a boost. Just being around other yogis does wonders for your inspiration. The Speakeasy Talks are a great place to learn something new and expand your mind, plus it won’t hurt to  sit down for an hour and use a different part of your body!

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Photo courtesy of Wanderlust. MADELEINE MARY PHOTO

To Connect with Nature

In summer the Whistler life is led largely outdoors. Every minute of daylight is soaked up at the lakes, on the mountain or in the forest where there is endless inspiration to drawn on for your practice. Ground your tree pose surrounded by old-growth giants, bloom into heart openers like the alpine wildflowers, flow through challenges with the grace of Fitzsimmons Creek.

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Photo courtesy of Wanderlust. MITCH WINTON PHOTO

Photo courtesy of Wanderlust.

Photo courtesy of Wanderlust.

To Hang-out with Your Beautifully Dynamic Yoga Family

People come from all over the world and from all walks of life to Wanderlust Whistler, you never know who you’re going to run into. The person beside you could be a local volunteering for their pass or the owner of an Italian fashion empire. That’s the beauty of the festival, you get to meet, hold space for, share life altering moments and celebrate with people who you might never cross paths otherwise. Knowing you already have one thing in common makes ice-breaking easy.

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Photo courtesy of Wanderlust.

Photo courtesy of Wanderlust. MITCH WINTON PHOTO

To Let Go and Embrace Adventure

Practice, eat, listen, dance, be still, celebrate, repeat – your days at the festival distilled. There’s lots of opportunity to let go of day to day inhibitions, sign up for something you would normally never do and surprise yourself. If you’re looking to really push your boundaries, say – get over a fear of heights, Whistler can help you with that. Bungee jumping anyone?

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Photo courtesy of Superfly Ziplines

To Take a Little of the Magic Home with You

If there’s one thing we can all do to improve the world, it’s work on ourselves. Take the time to do just that in the beautiful Coast Mountains and you’re likely to return home finding it easier to focus on the good, find joy in the little things and be present for your loved ones.

Don’t miss: The festival.

Photo courtesy of Wanderlust.

Photo courtesy of Wanderlust.


A little birdie told us accommodation rates for the festival on are the best they’re going to get right now. Do yourself a favour and book early for this long weekend festival!