Love Whistler: Love the Mountains

Love Whistler: Love the Mountains


“Whistler or Blackcomb?”

It’s an age-old question that never fails to incite heated (yet still friendly) discussions at après. Yes, Whistler loves both of its ski mountains but guests and locals alike can get quite animated when explaining why their favourite ski hill is the best ever.

“Blackcomb has better fall line.”

“Whistler has more alpine and more powder.”

“Blackcomb alpine opens earlier.”

Views and pow in Whistler’s Harmony Bowl.


“Whistler has better trees.”

“Blackcomb Park is all-time.”

“Dave Murray Downhill, Whistler Mountain… enough said.”

“The beer tastes better at Blackcomb’s Horstman Hut.”

Stunning late light in Blackcomb’s infamous “Couloir Extreme” and “Chainsaw Ridge” zone.

“Whistler has more character, and a full vegan restaurant.”

“Whistler for skis, Blackcomb for snowboard.”

All true, all valid. But that last one is probably the best because despite everyone having their own favourite mountain, it’s also nice to have options. And really nice to have thePEAK 2 PEAK Gondola connecting those two options in one easy, 11-minute ride (and it’s open for sightseeing too). Thankfully both Whistler and Blackcomb have plenty of above-treeline alpine terrain that still gets snow even when the rest of the mountain gets hit with a dreaded “Pineapple Express” weather system.

The Whistler vs Blackcomb debate is always passionate but part of the fun is that there is no definitive right answer, really it just means there is twice as much Whistler to love. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Of course, there is a whole world of mountain peaks and glaciers to love in the Whistler backcountry (never go alone, use a guide!) and a host of other mountain activities that don’t have anything to do with skiing or snowboarding. For instance, the daily offering over at the Love Whistler celebration is 25% off select Ziptrek zipline tours and Treetrek walking tours so you can explore the Coast Mountain rainforest the coolest way possible.

How does one choose between awesome and amazing?

Feet Banks

Feet Banks

Feet Banks moved to Whistler at age 12 so his parents could live the dream and ski as much as possible. He ended up living it too. After leaving home Feet did a few good stints in warmer climates and 4 years of writing school before returning to the mountains to make ski movies, hammer out a journalism career and avoid the 9-5 lifestyle as long as possible. He’s been a hay farmer, a hole digger, a magazine editor and has a jump named after him on Blackcomb Mountain, Feet’s Air. It’s tiny.