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Love Whister: Love Adventure

LEFT: @theexpeditioners find some Whistler Adventure during their #TheBCProject Instameet. RIGHT: TOURISM WHISTLER PHOTO

Adventure is relative. For some people it takes jumping off a bridge attached to a giant elastic band, for others it can be as simple as a trek through the Coast Mountain rainforest. It isn’t what you do that makes an adventure real, it’s about how it makes you feel.

Nervous tension? Pounding heart rate? Adrenaline pumping? Good, adventure is about stepping outside your comfort zone and relinquishing a little bit of control. It’s about peering over the edge and ignoring the little voice inside that says, “No. Turn back while you can!” It’s about pushing your limits, then pushing them a little bit further.

The pristine mountain wilderness makes Whistler an ideal home for all sorts of adventures (and even more adventurers) so the “Love Whistler” celebration’s theme for Day 5 is “Love Adventure.” And to help get your adrenaline rocking they’re offering discounted Bungee Jumps at Because why tiptoe up to the edge of adventure when you can literally leap right off it? (Bonus points if you go first.)

Whistler has tons of other adventurous activities for all ages and check out this high-octane itinerary for some high-adrenaline options. And remember, if you’re not at least a little bit scared, try harder.