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#WhistlerUnfiltered Behind the Photo: Shark Attack

A picture may be worth a thousand words but sometimes that just ain’t enough. As #WhistlerUnfiltered continues into the summer The Insider will periodically select images from the archives and dig a little deeper to find the story behind the photo (and the thousand words).

This week we’re down at the Whistler Skateboard Park with Alejandro Moreno de Carlos (aka Alex) to talk about photography, life in Whistler, and 9-foot shark graffiti.

The Insider: Hi Alex. First off: you are from Spain, how did you end up here in Whistler?

Alex: I’ve been living here since February 2012. I came for the snowboarding and to develop my career as an action sports photographer. I came to see if I liked it here and if there were any opportunities for me and I haven’t left. I just love this place.

The Insider: What were you doing the day you took this shot?

Alex: Just walking around the Village with my girlfriend and some friends who are new to town and I wanted to take them to one of the many cool places in Whistler.

The Insider: What do you like about this piece of graffiti? Do you know the artist?

Alex: I don’t, but I thought it was really cool. I like the “underground” look against the nature and the natural background.

The Insider: Are you afraid of sharks?

Alex: Not really. They are just normal animals with scary faces.

The Insider: How cool is the Whistler Skate Park?

Alex: I really like the bowl and the fact that you can ride it in the summer with a skate and the winter on a snowboard. Coming from Spain we rarely have snow in a skate park.

The Insider:As a photographer, what do you like most about Whistler?

Alex: It’s a perfect blend of everything in one place: Whistler has talented riders doing the most crazy things amongst beautiful landscapes and scenery. And having so many talented photographers in town to inspire you is always a good thing. There is always something interesting to shoot in Whistler, always a new perspective, new people, new things. The #WhistlerUnfiltered project is a good way to show interesting things to do and discover and it’s always nice to check cool pictures from where we are living.

The Insider: Describe your perfect Whistler summer day?

Alex: Some kind of sport in the morning. Chill on the lake in the afternoon. Meet some friends for a patio session in the evening.

The Insider: Favourite drinking and eating spots?

Alex: Beer at the Fitzsimmons Pub, food at El Furniture Warehouse. You can’t go wrong with these two.

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