Whistler Halloween is a Howling Good Time

Whistler Halloween is a Howling Good Time


The year is 1984. I am seven years old and clutching a pillow case. I have way too much make-up on and the sweat beading on my forehead has started to make it run. Feverishly I scan the row of houses to see if any lights are still on. There! Four houses down and on the right, I spot them – burning yellow eyes. I run.

Of course, I can’t run very fast because I am hauling about forty pounds of candy. But I make it to the jack-o-lantern in a flash and scream “Trick or Treat!” Ahhh … those were the days …

It’s All About the Kids – Mostly

When kids have candy on the brain, nothing compares to Whistler’s legendary Halloween haunt, Tapley’s Farm. This quaint little neighbourhood has seriously been going the extra distance for 20 years now. I’m talking smoke machines inside chimneys, holographic projections on garage doors, spooky recordings blasting from speakers, and realistic graveyard replicas. This is where the magic lives on Halloween.

The fun doesn’t stop at the homes in Tapley’s. Trick-or-treaters take the night to another frightful level with their Halloween garb, and last year I suspected that more than a few people had been planning their costumes for some time.

The night is fabulously rounded out with hot “parent” beverages generously offered up by some of the haunted houses, a live deejay that rolls out nice beats and a huge fireworks display in neighbouring Helicopter Park, to complete the evening.

Tapley’s Farm is located at the bottom of Lorimer Road. This Halloween shindig runs from 5:30 to 7:30 PM, rain or shine, and the fun is completely free.

Trick or Treat Goes the Beat

If you are of age and want to get your dance on, Whistler’s Halloween party scene is so good it’s scary.
Although most clubs in Whistler throw massive ticketed parties, the best deal going for Whistler this Halloween is Club Crawl. $45 gives you 5 drinks, 5 venues, lots of food, no line-ups or cover charges, costume prizes and more (Sat, Oct 29).

Don’t Walk Towards the Light… and Knock Over the Projector!

The Heavy Hitting B-Grade Horror Fest is the largest and longest-running horror film festival in Western Canada. Independent filmmakers take to the screen to showcase their twisted minds. Showtime is OCT. 30, 2011. This event sells out every year – and tickets are already scarce!

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