The Best (and Worst) Places for a First Date in Whistler

The Best (and Worst) Places for a First Date in Whistler

 With 57 per cent of Whistler’s population aged between 20 and 44 years, and only 33 per cent of these people legally married, to say the dating (and/or mating) scene in this community is hot is a bit of an understatement.  Whistler also seems to attract residents and visitors who tend to be easy on the eyes.  (Perhaps they’re absorbing the surrounding beauty through some kind of osmosis?)

Regardless, developing a solid plan for the first date is crucial if you’ve caught the perfect mountain man or mama in your sights.

Combine a little profiling (that’s how Lavalife does it) with some hard-won local knowledge and you are primed to make a good first impression, with a tailored date-night customised to woo the different characters that make up the Whistler social scene.

The Hardcore Local

To woo a hardcore local, keep in mind they have probably been single for a while and you are going to have to get this first date right. Don’t even think of this as a date – this is a test. Start the day off in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park. You will need to be able to charge hard enough to keep up. You will also need to be confident enough to rock the sweaty, matted coif-beast that your hair resembles after three hours in a full-face helmet. Because…now you are off to Sushi Village! Make sure to order strawberry sake margs, spicy agedashi tofu and the Super Hiro roll to soften that hardcore local heart.

Gettin' Dirty!

The Out-of-Towner

A Whistler Tasting Tour  is the perfect night out if your new special friend has an expiry date. On the guided walking tour, progressive dining at some of Whistler’s best restaurants is the name of the game. Each delicious course has a wine pairing so by the third stop you should have had enough liquid courage to slip your hand into theirs. And, by the time you hit dessert you will know how sweet an ending your night will have.

Only good for Eye-Candy 

There is a lot of beauty in Whistler and there is a lot of brawn. Getting brains is a bonus. In any situation where conversational skills are not the appeal but you just can’t help yourself, the Scandinave Spa Whistler is ideal. A no-talking policy ensures zero strained small talk. Slip into the outdoor baths, the Eucalyptus steam room or the Finnish sauna to take the heat up a couple of notches. If things are getting a little too steamy, dip (and gasp!) in the Nordic waterfall to cool things down before deep relaxation takes place in gorgeous solariums or outdoor hammocks. This massively romantic outdoor spa conveniently has the requisite attire of bikinis and board shorts, ensuring there is more than mountain peaks to gaze at.

Relax & Enjoy the Views

The Romantic

One of Whistler’s most beloved summer past times is Lunafliks. These fresh outdoor film screenings take place at Lost Lake Park every second Wednesday from July 6. A sunset BBQ serves up veggie and meat options with a drink for $5, and the Jiffy Pop station lets you pop up your own silver orb of buttery goodness for $3. Bring a warm fuzzy blanket for cuddling at these moonlight feature films and stay after the show for a little, ahem, stargazing. Gates open at 8:30 p.m.

Michelle Leroux

Michelle Leroux

Top of Michelle's Whistler summer-to-do list: I'll be keeping things fresh this summer by hitting the Farmer's Market twice a week. I'll also be swearing off my car for the summer and commuting to and from the village on my new cruiser via the Valley Trail.