BYO appetite to the Whistler Farmers’ Market

BYO appetite to the Whistler Farmers’ Market

There are so many reasons why I love spending my summers in Whistler – warm sun, cold lakes and BBQ’s with friends.  One of my favourite things is something that not every visitor knows about, but should. The Whistler Farmers’ Market.

It’s not just a foodie favourite. Locals make it a regular stop too.

Every Sunday, the beautiful Upper Village is transformed into the Whistler Farmers’ Market.  Jam-packed into the corridor between the Fairmont Chateau Whistler and the Blackcomb Day Lodge is an unbelievable selection of home made and organically grown products.

Farmers Market Opening Day

The first market this year is on Fathers’ Day.  I expect to see a few late shoppers out there looking for that perfect gift for dad.  I don’t think they sell any ties there (to the relief of dads who have gotten one for the last 5 fathers’ days) but I’m sure you’ll find something he’ll absolutely love. 

The market will be running all summer from 11am-4pm every Sunday with the last market on Oct 10th.  I’ve got great news for the weekday warriors out there.  They are expanding the market to Wednesday nights this summer, from 3pm-7pm.  I was stoked to hear about this extra day (I go through a loaf of cheese bread faster than I should admit). You can now get a mid-week stock up of all your favourite goodies.  The new market won’t be as big as the Sunday Market and will mostly focus on food, but that’s the best part right? Market Manager Chris Quinlan says that “the addition of this market will allow folks to pickup a little less at the Sunday market and ensure the freshest possible produce for the middle of the week.” Merlins Bar have booked Whistler’s favourite apres-masters, The Hairfarmers, as the house band every Wednesday, suggesting the new mid-week market will be quite the social event.

The market is a great place to do your weekly shop if you’re just rolling into town or are stocking up on weekly groceries.  I usually will stop by to pick up a tasty treat if I’m heading to a BBQ or potluck.  It’s made my friends think I’m a much better cook than I actually am. (I’m trusting you to keep quiet). 

Food from the market tastes like food is supposed to taste: fresh, ripe and flavorful. 

Checking Out Whistler Farmers Market

One of the best parts about it is the seasonality.   I head to the market pretty much every week to see what’s new and ripe. But some of my favourite regulars, who I’m stoked will be back this year, include Purebread, Berrymobile, all the farms, Golden Crust, Nonna Pia’s, Sunday Farms and Fine Foods (their pestos are amazing), Lucia Gelato, and Sgt Poppers Popcorn.

I’m also looking forward to hitting up Nidhi’s Cuisine for my samosa fix, and checking out the new food carts, with everything from crepes to chili, to Aussie meat pies and cabbage rolls.

Even if you’re not in the mood to shop, you can wander through and soak up the fantastic atmosphere.  There is usually a live band or performer that you can watch. And as Chris says, the number of high quality artists at the Whistler Market is really unique. It’s good fun for the whole family.  Grocery shopping doesn’t normally hold much appeal for the kids, but the market is an entirely different ballgame with face-painting, entertainment, the summer adventure zone, and all that animation. 



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