Virginia-Rae Quinnell

Q: Who writes this stuff?

A: Virginia-Rae, who incidentally loves referring to herself in the third person.

V-Rae is a traditional artist with a bad case of geek, a hybrid of technology and craft. Infected by the need to nerd, Virginia-Rae may occasionally say a phrase similar to “I spent my weekend building a new app for Facebook”. She is also prone to random outbursts of facts – which are usually prefaced by the words, “I saw this great scientific documentary on…” - much to the ultimate delight of her co-workers.

When she unplugs, Virginia-Rae likes running around on mountains. Summer is her favorite season in Whistler. She is delighted when she sees her first garter snake of the season, elated when she sees a marmot and is fascinated by the over 100 species of mushrooms Whistler is home to.

She also likes wine.

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