Drifting Away With Whistler's West Coast Float

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Whistler Float

Whistler's newest wellness facility, West Coast Float uses sensory deprivation float tanks to help relieve stress and relax the mind. The Insider hops in and drifts away.

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Whistler Play Day: Skiing with Crystal Rose Lee

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Skiing in Whistler

Professional freeskier and guide Crystal Rose Lee generally gets 100-150 days a year skiing in Whistler. On her days off she does this.

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Sochi 2014: Whistler Insider Exclusive Wrap Up

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Whistler Insider's exclusive Sochi reporter Mike Atkinson files his last report from the 2014 Winter Games with a bit of hockey, ski and snowboard cross, halfpipe skiing and the legacy of Sarah Burke.

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Whistler Art Galleries: Bringing the World to Whistler

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Life imitates art and in Whistler, life is good. Whistler's art galleries are world class and the scene grows stronger with each passing year.

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