Whistler Sabbatical Project Winner

Luke Dillon, London, UK

On February 20, 2012 Luke Dillon was announced as the official winner of a one month, all expenses paid sabbatical to Whistler. He was chosen from a group of finalists tasked with the job of writing a 250 word essay describing what a Whistler Sabbatical means to them. Luke will visit Whistler this spring to live out his dream sabbatical. Follow Luke on his Whistler Sabbatical Experience in the Whistler Insider Blog.

Equilibrium and the Whistler Sabbatical Winner

Luke's Winning Essay

My desire to ski is hard to suppress but I'm not long out of Uni, living and working in London, so it's currently filed under 'Daydreams'. Sport is my passion, and I can feel the anticipation building towards London 2012. To experience the Olympic spirit that is so clearly still alive in Whistler would be an incredible privilege.

Working in the events industry and as volunteer on the Search and Rescue Lifeboats on the Thames, I thrive on adrenalin and excitement; I'm always looking for the next challenge. To ski with Olympians, pull G's in a bobsleigh and experience the mountains at their steepest and deepest would be unique and exhilarating.

When I was 17 I was lucky enough to be taken to Whistler by my uncle. It was the weekend of a lifetime. Only the briefest of visits, but the friendliness of the people, the variety of the skiing, and the stunning surroundings made me long for more. Whistler stands head and shoulders above anything in Europe.

Taking part in the Sabbatical Project, with the range of adventures and indulgences on offer, would be a chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at Whistler's workers and its culture, to be totally immersed in the place.

A glimpse of Whistler had me gripped; a month could change my life. Maybe the biggest challenge would be not who I'd bring with me, but how quickly I could persuade everyone else to join us.

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