Why Whistler.com?

Meet the Team

The team at Whistler.com works out of offices located in the heart of Whistler Village. Each Travel Consultant is dedicated to delivering personalized itineraries and sharing their wealth of knowledge of the Whistler area. Our team is here to provide you with all the essential information and logistical planning that you need for the perfect Whistler vacation.

Lucy Reynolds

Lucy Reynolds: Lead Travel Consultant

My name is Lucy and I am an Australian living in Whistler. In 2010, I gave up the beaches of Sydney to be a ski instructor for the winter and ended up staying year round. My favourite thing to do is get up early in the winter, catch the first lift, eat Fresh Tracks breakfast, watch the sun come up over the mountains and then beat the crowds to the fresh powder or beautiful groomers.

I love working for Whistler.com because my office is also my playground. I sell Whistler and I get to live here. I can ski on my days off, go mountain biking and hiking during the summers, jump in the lakes. We have great restaurants and there is always some event or concert going on in the Village.

Kristy Simpson

Kristy Simpson: Lead Travel Consultant

I’m from Australia and have been living in Whistler since 2011. Like most people, I came here for one winter season to enjoy the mountains and have an experience that I couldn’t have at home, and I completely fell in love with the place. I especially love the variety of things to do and how each season is so unique. There is certainly no shortage of fun and adventure to be had in Whistler. I feel very fortunate to live in such an amazing place and on top of it all I get to work with incredible people and help visitors book their perfect Whistler experience.

Tracy Chaepherton

Tracy Chaepherton: Senior Travel Consultant

The “momma bear” here in the office, I have lived here since 1995. I have worked for Whistler.com for 6 years, and have been in sales for almost 20 years. I’m an ex-Gulf War vet, having served in the UN during Desert Storm. I spent 7 years in the military, upon completion of my degree from the University of Ottawa.

Why Whistler? Because my life is always filled with mystery and intrigue and the prospect of working here captivated me: and I’ve never looked back. Whistler offers a myriad of things to engage my interest, and there’s something about the mountains that puts things in perspective. Young in spirit, I have the pleasure to work with very cool people: Whistler has cachet and is home to a cast of characters that provide constant inspiration for my writing. I have had the pleasure to visit many interesting places in the world, and get excited to play a part in my clients’ adventures: that is something that I’m passionate about.

Chris Watson

Chris Watson: Travel Consultant

My favorite thing about Whistler is its stunning natural setting here in the heart of the Coast Mountains. From winter to summer, exhilarating to relaxing, there is always something for everyone to enjoy. Working at Whistler.com not only gives me the chance to work with amazing people but to meet amazing guests from around the word and hopefully show them some of what makes this place so incredibly special.

Dean Potiki

Dean Potiki: Travel Consultant

Hi, my name is Dean and I have been living in Whistler since 2012. I actually came here on a ski holiday with four friends and we had such an amazing time we went home, organized our visas and moved to Whistler. I am originally from New Zealand but I have spent the last 6 years travelling and living all over the world including the United States, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia. I have skied (and snowboarded) at over 30 resorts and the combination of amazing terrain and consistent snow makes Whistler my favorite place to have skied.

The best thing about Whistler is that it is NOT just a winter destination, Whistler comes alive in summer with great lakes to chill and swim at and awesome hiking trails in the mountains that offer stunning vistas. There is always a concert or event going on in Whistler so it is such a great social atmosphere to get amongst. I love my job because of the awesome team that I work with but more importantly I get to share my love of all things Whistler with guests as I help them lock in their holidays, getaways and vacations.

Michelle Dekker

Michelle Dekker: Travel Consultant

I am from Perth, Western Australia. In my state, snow does not exist. I had only seen the snow once in my life in New Zealand, before I decided to make the big move to Canada as I wanted to see a ‘White Christmas’. Upon arrival in Vancouver, I still had no idea where I was going next. I jumped on the bus and made a day trip to Whistler, where I then planned to spend the next 6 months. After having an amazing 12/13 snow season snowboarding and making new friends from all over the globe, I made the move to Vancouver Island, but missed the beautiful resort lifestyle of Whistler. I returned after only 5 weeks. Here I am, still living the dream in Whistler.

I love everything Whistler has to offer, from the huge terrain to snowboard in winter to the amazing lakes and the incredible wildlife like the bears and raccoons that come out in summer. I tell all my friends and post it on my Facebook regularly; I have the best job in Whistler! I get to experience the accommodations and activities first hand and share my memories with our guests.

Rachel Edwards

Rachel Edwards: Travel Consultant

Ever since I first laid eyes on the white fluffy stuff, I have lived for snow. That feeling at 10 years old of never wanting to take my skis off on the modest Aussie slopes stuck with me. My first Canadian winter season was spent in Kicking Horse Resort where I discovered powder and a love for snowboarding. After heading home for almost 2 years, Canada lured me back in, this time to the infamous Whistler. Someone once told me ‘never go to Whistler because you will never want to leave’. It is a magical place that showcases nature at its best from winter to summer, where you appreciate living every day.

We have a great team here at Whistler.com. We love sharing our Whistler stories with you, our guests, and are here to enhance your Whistler experience. Not only do we have the largest ski resort in North America, Whistler has endless adventure activities on offer. This winter, I can’t wait to try dog sledding and maybe even heli-skiing. If you are coming in summer, take a dip in our pristine lakes and keep your eyes out for bears. Come to Whistler and you’re guaranteed to have a good time!

Vanessa Currie

Vanessa Currie: Travel Consultant

I have been a Whistler local for 2 years and working at Whistler.com has been so positive and exciting. The team I work with is amazing and friendly, and by working with people who have a love for the area as I do, has made me look forward to coming to work every day.