Black Tusk Gallery

The Black Tusk Gallery represents leading Northwest Coast Native artists. We offer two and three-dimensional art at our gallery in the village of Whistler, B.C.. We offer the finest in masks, prints, sculptures, totem poles, baskets, bowls, paintings and jewelry.

We are open daily, throughout the winter, from 12-8 pm. Our staff will be pleased to discuss the nature of the artwork and how the artwork relates to the culture of the First Nations People of the Pacific Northwest.

Some History: People are thought to have been creating in wood on the Pacific Northwest for the past 7,000 years. The salmon run provided such an ample amount of food for the people of the Pacific Northwest, much time was left for the celebration of life at the traditional winter feast.

During these great feasts, theatrical dances were choreographed. Dancers used large wooden masks to act out ancient stories, each dancer acting the part of a character in the story. These large and dramatic artworks are found at Black Tusk Gallery, created by members of native tribes, many reknown throughout the world for their skills.

The Black Tusk Gallery staff also holds informal and informative discussions twice weekly. Call for details.

Contact Information

4293 Mountain Square Art Gallery Row
Whistler, British Columbia V0N 1B4


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