Cornucopia Returns

TAG: Cultural Fix, Festivals & Events, Must Dos Posted by: Feet Banks

Much more than a goat’s horn stuffed with winter squash, Whistler’s Cornucopia is three days of fine food, hearty times, and the occasional hangover.

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Big Nights, Small City & Ace Mackay-Smith

TAG: Cultural Fix, Festivals & Events, Must Dos, Whistler Sabbatical Project Posted by: Feet Banks

An Insider’s look at the Whistler nightlife scene with Go-Go Dancer, DJ, event manager, ski icon, filmmaker, writer, and all-around perfect person Ace Mackay-Smith.

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Whistler’s Autumn Top Ten

TAG: Cultural Fix, Family Time, Festivals & Events, Freebies & Fun Posted by: Feet Banks

Do you like autumn? Here in Whistler we like autumn. It’s a time for relaxation and anticipation, for watching the snow line creep down the mountains while eating cheap food and playing video games or reading French authors.

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Whistler Halloween is a Howling Good Time

TAG: Family Time, Festivals & Events, Freebies & Fun, Must Dos Posted by: V-Rae Quinnell

The year is 1984. I am seven years old and clutching a pillow case. I have way too much make-up on and the sweat beading on my forehead has started to make it run. Feverishly I scan the row of houses to see if any lights are still on. There! Four houses down and on the right, I spot them – burning yellow eyes. I run.

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