The Boys are Back: 27 Years (and counting) of the Black Velvet Ski Trip

TAG: Family Time Posted by: Feet Banks

For over a quarter of a century Gary "Swanski" Swanson and his buddies have been coming to Whistler for an annual weekend of skiing, and shotskiing.The Black Velvet Ski Team are kind of Whistler celebrities now so for year 27 Gary reports on how things went.

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Sticks and Stones and Learning the Hard Way

TAG: Amped-Up Adventure Posted by: Feet Banks

Whistler snow

The Insider gets all philosophical about faceplants, yard sales, and the value of wiping out on the mountain.

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Wax On: Tips from Whistler’s Underground Tuning

TAG: How-To Posted by: Feet Banks

A lot of us are guilty of neglecting our boards but Whistler's Underground Tuning explain why a proper wax is integral, even if you are storing your sticks for the summer.

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The Kids are Alright: Whistler's Next Generation of Freeskiers

TAG: Amped-Up Adventure, Festivals & Events Posted by: Feet Banks

Whistler Freeski kids

The next generation of Whistler freeskiers show their stuff on home turf at the GoPro Junior Freeski Challenge.

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