Believe Freedom Festival, Whistler Olympic Park — 2014

In summer of 2013 Whistler Olympic Park hosted the first ever Believe Freedom Festival, a five day celebration of rhythm, music and dance in the spectacular Callaghan Valley just 15 minutes south of the festival site.

Check back regularly for more information on 2014 events or visit the Believe Freedom Festival website.

Where is Whistler?

Whistler is located in the Coast Mountain Range just a short drive up the scenic Sea to Sky Highway from Vancouver and 15 minutes away from Whistler Olympic Park.

Why Stay in Whistler?

Stay in the Village for the Freedom Festival and immerse yourself in the rugged beauty of the Canadian mountains in summer - lush forests, soaring mountain peaks, gentle breezes and cool lakes.

Relax and Refuel

Tired dancing feet? Chill out in Whistler before heading back to the festival.

Action and Adventure

Looking for an adrenelin buzz? Whistler is paradise for adventure lovers and those who don't mind working for their rewards.

Photos of Whistler in Summer

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